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'Roseanne' and cast to return for eight episodes

The cast of Roseanne will return for eight episodes.

The blue-collar family that defined the 90’s, The Connors, are reportedly making a comeback.

Deadline reports the hit show “Roseanne” along with its original cast will return to television for a limited 8-episode arc.

Theater Review: “Margin of Error”

Anton Myrvold (Ruff Yeager) is what might be termed a BMOC.

Not just an imposing physical presence, he’s also a major light in physics, and as “Margin Of Error” opens he crows to Indian wife Sunita (Roxane Carrasco) that he has just received backdoor notice from someone in the know that he’s been shortlisted for the Nobel Prize. 

Theater Review: "Travels With My Aunt"

L to R Benjamin Cole, David McBean, James Saba & Richard Baird

Some people are lucky enough to have an aunt, friend or relative to take them under wing and introduce them to the joys of travel. I’d have loved to have an Aunt Augusta, since travel is the only thing I can ever remember really wanting to do in life.

'We Exist' documentary features SDPD officer Christine Garcia

SDPD officer Christine Garcia is featured in new documentary about trans heroes.

Documentary film maker Isley Reust is trying to educate the public about the lives of influential transgender men and women around the world. The focus is less on what people see on the outside, rather the intricate details and feelings these folks have to deal with on the inside.

“We Exist” is a 10 episode documentary series hosted by Ruest and directed by Tony Minas. 

This thing IS on! TS Madison gets her own national talk show

TS Madison Hinton dishes through the drive-thru in her new talk show "Lemme Pick You Up."

Celebrity vlogger TS Madison Hinton always starts her Facebook Live broadcasts asking, “Is thing on?” And now the world will see that it definitely is, as she gets her own talk show called “Lemme Pick You Up.”

This isn't your traditional in-studio celebrity exchange.