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Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Celebrating 15 years of greatness ft. Kristine W

Kristine W headlines the 15th anniversary celebration for SDPIX and Rufskin on Saturday.

How's it going San Diego? It's your Hillcrest socialite, Jinx Mirage with this week's Out & About.

I hope you guys had a sweet Comic-Con weekend and looking forward to having some fun this weekend.

So let's see what I have on my social calendar for the upcoming week:

A night of comedy with a Hollywood star!

Just a drag queen working the door during Pride

She's a superhero in drag and at the door.

She's a San Diego drag queen superhero and a nightclub door girl; a job that requires her to deal with an unpredictable and sometimes rude public, but, “I love my job," she says. 

Theater Review: "Disney’s The Little Mermaid"

Chassey Bennett (Ariel) and David Burnham (Prince Eric).

Some people (and creatures) are never happy. Take Ariel, Disney’s little mermaid, for example. The daughter of King Triton, she is supposed to stick to the watery world like her better-behaved sisters. But no, Ariel keeps running away to the human world (where she thinks she belongs), much to her father’s annoyance.

Watch this Ursula slay Comic-Con and the internet

His Ursula at Comic-Con was cosplay genius.

Los Angeles' Jose Davalos is no stranger to dressing up as Disney villains but at this year's Comic-Con he may have set the cosplay bar so high anyone coming after him is in for a formidable task. 

Theater Review: "At The Old Place"

Marcel Spears, Heidi Armbruster and Brenna Coates in La Jolla Playhouse’s world-premiere production of "At The Old Place."

An aging magnolia tree overlooking the “old place” seems as weary, deserted, and perhaps even haunted as the 40ish woman who exhaustedly drags a suitcase up the walk and disappears inside in Rachel Bonds’ new play “At The Old Place,” in its world premiere through July 30 at La Jolla Playhouse.

The woman is Angie (Heidi Armbruster), who teaches poetry at a small northeastern college.

JLo recognizes gender-neutral relative in social media post

Her use of “they” and “their” seem to indicate that the singer understands and respects the teen’s identity without making that the central point.

Jennifer Lopez was very proud of her younger relative who was accepted into the Global Young Leaders Conference, but that is not why the LGBT community is giving her accolades.

Lopez posted on Instagram about Brendan, her sister’s child, and how proud she was to see the youngster achieve such an accomplishment.

Theater Review: “At This Evening’s Performance”

Katie MacNichol, Bruce Turk, Richard Baird, Paul Turbiak & Sierra Jolene.

Theater and politics mix, albeit uneasily in Nagle Jackson’s “At This Evening’s Performance,” onstage through Aug. 6 at North Coast Repertory Theatre.

A provincial theater troupe run by Gunther Posnik (Bruce Turk) struggles to find audiences for its slate of stale old classics.

Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Comic-Con edition

Jinx Mirage gives you all the details for events happening this week celebrating Comic-Con.

Hello, San Diego, this your Social Diva Jinx Mirage back at it again with this week's Out & About.

I hope you all aren’t too tired from Pride because it's Comic-Con weekend!

And you know we love to party it up in San Diego, so let’s just get right into this week’s events:

Start your Comic-Con weekend with some Techno/Tech House music

'Charmed' may be getting a reboot on Netflix

Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, and Alyssa Milano in "Charmed."

“The Power of Three” may be making magic on Netflix sources say.

The hit television horror/fantasy drama “Charmed” may get a reboot on the popular streaming service.

There have been many talks about the series making a return including a feature-length film and a pilot for the CW.