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Theater Review: “Gidion’s Knot”

 Jyl Kaneshiro and Carla Nell.

The audience enters room 418, where 5th grade teacher Heather Clark (Carla Nell) sits at her desk reading, shuffling papers and checking her cell phone.

It’s a colorful, cheery classroom, but Heather seems anything but cheery. At one point, she breaks down in tears.

'Handsome Devil' is the gay feel-good movie of the year

Nicholas Galitzine and Fionn O’Shea in the excellent "Handsome Devil."

In what I think might be the best feel-good film of the year, “Handsome Devil” will get its west coast premiere at the 19th annual San Diego LGBT Film Festival presented by FilmOut.

'A Very Sordid Wedding' tunes good laughs with a southern pitch

Bonnie Bedelia and Leslie Jordan in "A Very Sordid Wedding."

Del Shores made gay movie cult history in 2000, with his Texas toast sized slice of life film “Sordid Lives.” And as he continues this tale in “A Very Sordid Wedding,” we get to revisit these characters once again. And 17 years later they are just as kooky as ever.

The beauty of CA captured at Gay Wine Weekend

Enjoy everything California has to offer at Gay Wine Weekend.

One of the best things about living in California is there are so many great places to visit.

And one of those places is the wonderful Napa and Sonoma Valleys famous for their delicious food and award-winning wines.

Theater Review: "Having Our Say"

Thompson, Phillips, director Coleman-Reed and New Village Arts do the piece proud in this humorous and touching revival.

You’ve got to love a couple of centenarians who cite this as the reason for their longevity: “We never married; we never had husbands to worry us to death.” 

Annie Elizabeth Delany and her sister Sarah Louise (aka Bessie and Sadie), were born in the South in the late 1800s.

Latest eliminated on 'Drag Race' talks to SDGLN

The latest to be eliminated from Ru Paul's Drag Race spills the tea on everything from challenges to co-contestants.

We here at San Diego Gay and Lesbian News never want to spoil the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 for any of our readers (we give you about a week), so If you don’t know who went home last week, don’t read any further.

Adorable gay crush animated short to debut in summer

“In a Heartbeat,” features a young gay boy who tries to keep his heart from exposing his secret crush.

We have all probably been there one time or another in our youth: we have a crush on someone and are nervous that our secret will get out.

And if you are a closeted (or not) gay, lesbian, bi or trans person, that anxiety can be compounded ten-fold.

Theater Review: "The Old Man And The Old Moon"

The cast of PigPen Theatre Co.’s The Old Man and The Old Moon. Directed by Stuart Carden.

I see lots of plays and a fair number of theater events, but theater magic is harder to come by.

I’m not talking about sleight-of-hand; it’s more like sleight-of-brain stuff that PigPen Theatre offers during its run at the Old Globe through June 18.