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Theater Review: "Ironbound"

“Ironbound” plays through October 22, 2017 at Moxie Theatre, 6663 El Cajon Blvd. Suite N.

Enough of this American dream stuff. This is a time for survival.

Darya (Jacque Wilke) is a hard-edged, sharp-tongued, heavily-accented Polish immigrant in New Jersey, who lost her factory job when it closed and now subsists – nay, persists, in the present political sense – by cleaning people’s houses.

Watch straight underwear model learn gay sex positions

Topher and Jon instruct straight guy Steven on ten different gay sex positions.

The boys over at Andrew Christian play teachers to one straight model who is unfamiliar with gay sexual positions.

Underwear models Topher and Jon instruct straight guy Steven on 10 different ways to get busy with the same-sex, just in case he should ever need to I suppose.

Theater Review: "Billy Elliot"

“Billy Elliot” plays through October 8, 2017 at the Spreckels Theatre, 121 Broadway, downtown.

“Billy Elliot” ran for 11 years in London, but the Tony-winning musical only runs through Oct. 8 locally, so get your tickets for this terrific production now.

San Diego Musical Theatre and California Ballet jointly present a sparkling production of this endearing show (based on the 2000 film, but with music by Elton John) at the Spreckels Theatre.

Watch elders respond to 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Elders react to RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race has become a part of pop culture history. But past generations never saw such a show where men dress as women to become the next global drag superstar. Until now.

In the “Elders React” series, older folks are given the task of watching videos that deal with modern trends and popular culture.

Netflix email scam aims to get your personal info

Netflix scammers want your bank account info.

With over 93 million subscribers, Netflix seems like a gold mine to scammers who want someone’s personal information, and online thieves are doing just that in the latest email scam targeting customers.

Drag queen brings "The Voice" judges to their feet

Chris Weaver didn’t have to do much but sing a few bars of “Try a Little Tenderness” for “The Voice” judges to turn around.

After Weaver was finished with the song and all four judges had their chairs swiveled to face him, Jennifer Hudson threw a shoe at the singer as a sign of endearment and approval. 

Theater Review: “A Piece of My Heart”

Emily Candia as Sissy, Emilee Zuniga as Leanne.

Four Vietnam War-era photos projected on the theater wall at the top of Shirley Lauro’s “A Piece of My Heart” set the scene for what is to follow. Some you will immediately recognize, others perhaps not, but they all speak to the tragedy of that war.

Theater Review: “American Hero”

“American Hero” plays through October 15, 2017 at New Village Arts, 2787 State Street, Carlsbad.

Or is it?

Playwright Bess Wohl explores the minimum-wage bind food workers are in and the corporate greed that takes advantage of it in “American Hero,” playing through Oct. 15 at New Village Arts. Kristianne Kurner directs.

Horror movie campaign has blood donation ban message

Amanda Lepore is the face of blood drive for new "Jigsaw" movie.

The Saw franchise is gearing up to release the eighth installment of its popular horror series, Jigsaw, and along with that comes their traditional blood drive for free tickets, but this year they are taking a more political stance.