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Mexican actress Kenia Gascón comes out as openly lesbian

“I’ve spent my entire life pretending, pleasing others out of fear of losing my job or other opportunities. But in the end you lose your identity, ultimately limiting yourself.”

GLAAD's What To Watch: Kathy Griffin gets her mom into the act

Get the box of wine ready for an episode highlighting Kathy Griffin’s hilarious mother Maggie on “My Life On The D-List,” and the girls discover that they can’t hide from A’s watchful eye on “Pretty Little Liars.”

GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

Don’t feel like watching fireworks? Then tune in for all of your favorite new TV and catch up with some older favorites!

VIDEO: Lady Gaga has message for Constance McMillen

"All Love, All Woodstock" was a special benefit that brought together the Woodstock community, not for a festival of music, but rather a festival of love, compassion and tolerance that benefited Constance McMillen and the ACLU.