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MOVIE REVIEW WITH VIDEO: Tilda Swinton is spectacular in "I Am Love"

Classically speaking, women who succumb to grand passion rarely live happily ever after. They drown themselves, murder their children, end up mad in an attic or under a train. So it’s no surprise when Emma, the central character meets tragedy soon after meeting her great love.

THEATER REVIEW: "The Norman Conquests" is a trilogy worth seeing

The value of seeing all three plays (especially in one day) is that you gain a greater appreciation for the devilishly clever Rubik’s cube plotting that has a character leaving in one scene and entering another room a few minutes later in the next play.

GLAAD’s What To Watch Tonight

The new season of “Flipping Out” premieres tonight on Bravo, and out actress Sara Gilbert guest stars on “HawthoRNe.”

GLAAD’s What To Watch Tonight

Alistair awaits his first weigh in on tonight’s “Huge,” and it’s a family affair when RuPaul’s sisters compete to draguate with honors on “Drag U.”