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Theater Reviews: “Flemming (an American Thriller)”

Cris O’Bryon (Henry Flemming), Walter Murray (Stan Spencer), Kristin Woodburn (Suzy Spencer)

Lots of men have midlife crises, but few take them to such an absurd extreme as Henry Flemming.

In Sam Bobrick’s “Flemming: An American Thriller,” Flemming turns 40, and just like that quits his dull but lucrative securities business to become an independent gumshoe. That’s right, a private investigator.

Lady Gaga surprises fans with new single at Coachella

Lady Gaga treats surprised fans to a new single called "The Cure" at Coachella.

A few months ago, Coachella ticket pass holders expecting to see Beyoncé perform were almost surprised to find out the pregnant Queen B had to cancel her appearance at the desert music festival, and Lady Gaga stepped in to take her place.

Watching over diversity: A brief history of the 'Hillcrest' sign

The Hillcrest sign has been a welcoming salutation to the neighborhood for almost 80 years.

The Hillcrest sign which greets visitors into the neighborhood high above the intersection of Fifth and University has been a beacon of diversity since it was first erected in 1940.

It was a gift from local women shopkeepers.

Theater Review: "First Date"

Zackary Scot Wolfe, Lindsay Joan, Lauren King Thompson, Joshua Cavanaugh, Jonathan Sangster, Cassandra Nuss, and John Massey

First dates are frightening enough, but first *blind* dates? Positively horrifying.

Unless, of course, you’re serial blind dater Casey (Cassandra Nuss), who seems to make a habit of it – to the consternation of married sister Lauren (Lauren King Thompson), who just wishes she’d settle down.

Theater Review: “The Man Who Came To Dinner”

Kenneth Gray, Holly MacDonald, Randall Hickman

Never invite Sheridan Whiteside to dinner. That imperious radio wit just might fall, injure something and refuse to leave, demanding service in your home for weeks thereafter.

A nightmare? Yes. Funny? No, hilarious.

Theater Review: “Into The Beautiful North”

“Into The Beautiful North” plays through April 23, 2017

Everybody’s looking for something. Nayeli, the 19-year-old karate-chopping heroine of Karen Zacarias’ “Into The Beautiful North,” is looking for a few good men. Seven, to be exact, and the “Magnificent Seven” of movie fame would do nicely, thank you.'

Nayeli lives in Tres Camarones, a tiny town in the Mexican state of Nayarit, where her aunt Irma is running for mayor.

Theater Review: "The Geeze And Me"

Gabriela Nelson, Byron La Due, Lorraine Devon Wilke

Ah, geezerhood, the state to which no one aspires but most acquire just because they live long enough. I can identify.

Rag Lady Productions presents “The Geeze And Me,” a new musical offering “the truth about aging.” It plays through April 29 at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center.

Feud: Candace and Bianca

Candace Cameron Bure says "Not Today Satan," Del Rio agrees.

One thing you may not want to do is bring attention to the “Hurricane” herself, Bianca Del Rio, especially if you are a conservative and wearing a t-shirt with a catchphrase she made  popular on the drag reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

If you think the Bette and Joan Feud is a bit heated, wait until you see what the drag superstar and “Fuller House” lead are arguing about.