Temple University researchers successfully eliminate HIV virus in human cells

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – A scientific first from Philadelphia, that could pave the way toward curing HIV. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on the breakthrough.

Instead of suppressing and treating HIV and AIDS, which is what currently happens, researchers have for the first time shown they’ve found a way to destroy the virus.

Conflicting ruling on Affordable Care Act faces appeal

On the heels of a hotly contested and divided opinion in the D.C. Circuit Court, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals today issued a unanimous opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) tax credits in King v. Burwell.

The decision came down just hours after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit reached the opposite ruling in Halbig v. Burwell. The two judges in D.C. were both Republican appointees, so some legal observers immediately called the decision a political one.

Look Better Naked: CustomVite

CustomVite is the leading provider of personalized nutritional supplements.

By combining data from laboratory results and medical history questionnaires, CustomVite nutritionists can identify areas of nutritional deficiencies and design a supplement program specifically for your needs.

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Look Better Naked: Younger blood improving the brain

Two teams at Harvard and one at Stanford have found that an injection of younger blood can produce dramatic improvements in older mice.

These new studies have come out of an old experiment called parabiosis, which fused an old mouse and a younger mouse by literally stitching them together, causing their blood to comingle. Parabiosis turned out to be beneficial for the older mice. This new study of injecting younger blood into older mice has caused them to do better than their peers on learning and memory tests.

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More evidence poppers may damage your eyesight

LONDON -- A club drug and aphrodisiac since the 1970s, inhaled “poppers” are increasingly linked to eye damage - possibly due to a new formulation - according to a short report from the UK.

The case study describes a 30-year-old white male who developed vision loss in both eyes after inhaling poppers. The researchers noticed subtle changes in the form of yellow spots on the macula deep inside the man’s eye, but they say it’s still unclear just how the drug may be destroying vision.

Look Better Naked: Exposing the truth about the food industry

The movie "FED UP" came out on May 9 exposing the truth about food and childhood obesity. It will change how you think and what you perceive about this problem forever.

This movie takes a look into how the food industry hooks us on processed foods full of hidden sugars. It could not have come at a better time with a recent study showing a 30% increase in type 2 diabetes in children since 2001. This is a new development — not a single case of type 2 diabetes was reported in a child in the 1980s — only adult onset diabetes.

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Look Better Naked: Advanced glycation end products

Did you know that foods prepared at high heat, particularly fast foods, have AGEs or Advanced Glycation End Products that are detrimental compounds the body absorbs from food sources? AGEs accumulate over time and can cause chronic, persistent, low-level inflammation.

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Coming out to your healthcare provider

We can't expect to get appropriate care from our health providers if we don't come out to them. Conversely, our providers have to be well-versed in the healthcare needs of LGBT people. Aside from our spouses, significant others, or romantic partners, our providers are the people who most need to be aware of our gender identity, sexuality, and sexual behavior.

Local author contributes to writing project promoting safer sex

SAN DIEGO, California -- Walter G. Meyer, the author of the critically-acclaimed novel, “Rounding Third,” has contributed a short story to the Real Story Safe Sex Project using the characters from his novel to make a point to teens and twentysomethings about discussing — and practicing — safer sex.

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Support for the transgender patient: What physicians need to know

Endocrinologists need education so they can best serve their patients who are transgender and looking for a gender identity change via hormonal treatment, a presenter at the AACE 23rd annual Scientific & Clinical Congress said in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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