Public asked to use emergency rooms only in true emergencies

In an effort to reduce congestion at local hospital emergency rooms, regional health care leaders urged the public on Friday to use emergency rooms only in actual medical emergencies and provided recommendations for individuals on managing their health care to avoid ER overuse.

Community health centers join efforts

Twelve community clinics have formed Integrated Health Partners (IHP), a consortium to advance the standards and reduce the costs of care at primary health centers. They represent more than 70 practice sites, including one in Bankers Hill just north of Downtown.

It's not irresponsible to like bareback sex

"It's all OK, and I hope that we can accept our variations and our diverse approaches to having sex."

Eight years of watching and learning

My take on most fitness advice is that it breezes by the basics and elaborates on the minutiae.

Have you found your tribe?

"Not one of us, not a single one, has not gone through some sort of hurdle..."