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Eat, drink and be mindful this holiday season

Grant Foreman

Happy belated Thanksgiving my fitness-fans.

We have so much to be grateful for and to appreciate; one of my favorites being FOOD! 

This is your trainer telling you to belly up and enjoy the season.

That means stuffing, pie, all the goodies. 

Out boxer Orlando Cruz wants to win for LGBT community

Orlando Cruz could become the world's first out, gay boxing champion.

Out boxer Orlando Cruz could make history as the first gay world champion on Saturday, November 26, at the MotorPoint Arena in Cardiff, as he goes up against Terry Flanagan.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Cruz, says his opponent is a formidable challenger, but this win would mean more than just a victory for himself.

Tips to survive Thanksgiving in post-election turmoil

The election will come up at our Thanksgiving dinners. We will have things to say and questions to ask.

The election will come up at our Thanksgiving dinners.   

We will have things to say and questions to ask.

And we will need to feel safe for those necessary exchanges to take place. (None of us can think or speak clearly when in physical or emotional danger.)

Cleaning house: Clearing negative energy from your home

We’ve all been there.

The house just doesn’t feel right.  We’re sluggish when we shouldn’t be.

The air feels oppressive, and you and your family are fighting like cats and dogs for no reason.

It could just be that you aren’t feeling well and that these feelings will pass.

Planes, trains and automobiles: eating healthy on-the-go

Grant Foreman

Here's what to pick, and what to ditch, when eating while traveling. 

San Diego is packed with healthy options for eating; from well equipped grocery stores, restaurants and even 7-11 with its Perfect Food bars or prosciutto wrapped mozzarella sticks. 

But how can you keep this up with the traveling you have planned during the holiday season?

Trans Lifeline reports eight deaths since Nov. 8

The site says they are devastated to hear that eight people, “many of whom are teens,” died by suicide on the night of the election.

[Editor’s note: San Diego Gay and Lesbian News is sensitive to those who are experiencing crisis and the purpose of this story is to bring awareness to the public about mental health, suicide and getting help. If you are in crisis and need assistance, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255]

Boston sports writer Alex Reimer comes out on radio show

Sports writer Alex Reimer comes out on radio show.

Boston sports writer Alex Reimer, in what seemed like an impromptu conversation on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” radio show, decided to tell the hosts and the world he is gay on Wednesday's program.

A 'fast' reset button for the holidays

Grant Foreman

This is the season for excess with all the fun get-togethers and meal plans. 

Lots of sugar, lots booze, but also, lots of strategies you can use to recover from these holiday pitfalls. 

Cleansing is a way to strip away some of what you've built up.

It's like hitting the reset button.

Some advocate complete fasting with nothing but water.

Homophobic chant dispersed at UK football game

Recipients of the flyer were asked to read the chant after the anthem “I am Forever Blowing Bubbles.” 

Europen LGBT publication Gay Star News reports that police are investigating an incident at a British football game where spectators were handed a flyer with homophobic speech printed on the front.