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'OUT at the Park' 2017 bigger than ever for the LGBT community

San Diego Pride and the Padres are making "OUT at the Park" 2017 better than ever.

San Diego Pride and the The Padres announced their annual OUT at the Park event today.

The annual sporting celebration will see the Padres take on the Marlins at 7:10 pm on Friday April 21, at Petco Park.

You may remember last year an error in the DJ booth caused the wrong song to be played as the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus took to the field for their performance. 

Boxer David Allen is hiding something huge

David Allen and David Howe clearly are not the same size.

Boxer David Allen went head to head with David Howe in the ring last weekend, but not before he did the same at the weigh in just a few days prior.

The two men, stripped down to their briefs before stepping on the scales, but Allen appeared to already have an advantage, proving big things do come in small packages.

There's great power in being consistent

Holding ourselves accountable is one of the more difficult things that can be asked of us. 

"A consistent formula gives consistent results."   -Abraham Hicks. Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. 

This really struck a cord with me today when thinking about some of my training client's progress. 

Ayn Rand follows an even harder line here with:

Carlsbad High displays "KKK" signage at home game

High School officials say the racist signage was not intended to represent a racist message.

A San Diego High School ruffled some feathers when students attending a basketball game held up signs which appeared to make reference to the Klu Klux Klan.

Carlsbad High School was hosting Sage Creek High School this past weekend, when three students held up the letters “KKK” during the on-court competition.

Don't punish yourself for living life

Grant Foreman is SDGLN's fitness expert.

January and February was an amazing time for me spiritually, with my ten day silent mediation course, and energetically, with a perfect snowy trip to Paris and London. 

This also means I had ten days of literally sitting on my butt eating little followed shortly after by a week of foie gras, red wine, and croissants. 

Hello from the…inside

Not everyone has a platform to share something so powerful and transformative so please know: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO, IT WILL HELP, TAKE THE LEAP!

My role as the fitness writer for SDGLN generally has me working to inspire or educate others on physical pursuits that may better their lives in some way.

Aesthetics and health don’t always go together so I try to keep those standards at the forefront.  For example, achieving visible abs by shaming yourself into starvation is no bueno.