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Make the least questionable move first

Years ago I was a tournament chess player. I would study books on every part of the game, and I have found that many of the principles I learned in chess are applicable to everyday life. Today, I’m going to discuss one principle … one that I feel is directly applicable to finding the most efficient path to weight loss.

Iconic athlete to visit SDSU

Former Olympian Tommy Smith will discuss the crossroads between sports and an athlete’s accountability during the kickoff event for Black History Month at San Diego State University.

Co-pay rising: How to save on prescription meds

Times are tough, but fortunately there are a number of ways to cut costs on prescription drugs, including accessing programs aimed at offering those in need free or reduced cost prescriptions.

McKinnon: Sleepless in San Diego

Defined as an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, insomnia can also mean waking earlier than desired and is often accompanied with fatigue throughout the day.

Fast start fitness for men over 40

Give me a break, if you think you can be super diligent during the work week, only to drink and eat out all weekend and expect to have a six pack, it doesn’t work that way. You can still look like you are 20 with your clothes off, but it comes with hard work.

Gaydar in the age of the internet

Many people use websites as a supplement to their relational development, and online dating sites are of special significance to many gay males and lesbians in the initial stages of the coming out process.

Hot yoga poses unique obstacles, challenges

I popped into the first class I could and learned an important lesson - you should never, ever drink alcohol the night before a yoga class. Hot, strenuous yoga and alcohol do not mix. I do not recommend it.