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The love-hate relationship with alcohol

Nobody will deny the social lubricating effect that alcohol has on an otherwise timid and shy person. But because it's so attractive, and because it's so easy to have too much of a good thing, alcohol is very easily abused.

Documentary explores living with HIV/AIDS

Living without a Label: a Documentary on HIV/AIDS is a brief film in which Marvin and Arlene, two individuals living with the disease, discuss what life is like for them. SDGLN.com contributor Jennine Estes, a local marriage and family therapist, is the woman behind the idea.

Alcohol consumption may increase breast cancer recurrence risk

While previous research has shown that consumption of alcohol is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, there have been limited studies about alcohol's role in patient prognosis and survival among those already diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not feeling it? Go take a hike.

From ocean vistas to 360 degree views, what surrounds you will not only keep your mind off the difficulty of the workout, but invigorate and ultimately relax you from life's stressors.

Tips for Going Green

In a May 2002 study of contaminants in nation-wide stream water samples, the U.S. Geological Survey found persistent detergent metabolites in 69% of streams tested.

Neglected pets feel effect of economy as medical relinquishments rise

In the midst of a human health care crisis, animals are increasingly being left behind to fend for themselves. This year, the San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition took nearly 50,000 abandoned pets under its wing - and medical affordability is a growing reason why.