Warhead found in Hillcrest backyard after downpour

The Bomb Squad investigate an old warhead in Hillcrest after rain unearths it in resident's backyard.

The weekend downpour revealed a dangerous surprise for one Hillcrest homeowner on Sunday afternoon.

A practice warhead was unearthed in the backyard of 3729 Dove Street which initiated an extensive bomb threat investigation.

'Filter' coffeehouse in Hillcrest to close permanently on Dec. 24

"Filter" coffeehouse on University.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has learned that the popular coffeehouse Filter on University Avenue in Hillcrest is closing.

It’s last day of operation will be on Saturday, December 24.

Word comes directly from the owner Steve Price, who says after six years of business in the popular Hillcrest community he can no longer afford the rent.

Students tricked with Christmas cards, really anti-LGBT pamphlets

Schoolchildren in Australia were excited to get on the bus in hopes of receiving an early Christmas after their drivers handed them shiny golden envelopes. But what was inside was not a gift.

Students from Kyabram P-12 College, just north of Melbourne, opened the envelopes to find anti-LGBT pamphlets and literature against same-sex marriage.

Jury in San Diego Pride loincloth case reach a verdict

Will Walters does not win his lawsuit against San Diego Police.

A federal jury sided with the San Diego Police Department on Tuesday, saying the organization did not discriminate against a San Diego Pride goer after they arrested him for public nudity back in 2011.

Canadian couple celebrate 50 years together

Jean Baker and Sharon Colter celebrate 50 years together.

Jean Baker and Sharon Colter began their courtship at a parking lot in Canada, outside a gay bar.

The year was 1966, and Baker was 26-years-old, raising two small children by herself reports CBC News.