Body found in Balboa Park early Monday morning

The victim was of unknown age who had massive injuries to the head.

Balboa Park was the scene of a police investigation early Monday morning after someone reported finding a dead body off Park Boulevard between Morley Field Drive and Zoo Place at approximately 2 am.

Park Boulevard was closed to traffic until just before 7 am.   

NOM announces an international sister organization

Brian S. Brown will head both the National Organization for Marriage and its new international branch International Organization for the Family.

East coast based National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has branched off into a sister organization called International Organization for the Family, or IOF.

Founder of NOM Brian S. Brown sent out an email announcement on Saturday, saying the fight to save traditional marriage in the U.S. could be better focused if those same efforts could be handled abroad.

Principal takes gifted Pride flag down at elementary school for 'political' reasons

Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. takes down Pride flag for "political" reasons.

The principal of Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. says she took down the flag because she is worried about “wading into political waters.”

What’s more, the school is located next to community of Chevy Chase where vice president-elect Pence is living temporarily before he relocates to Number One Observatory Circle come January.

Arkansas judge rules birth certificates can only name biological parents

Only biological parents may be listed on birth certificates, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

This turn of events comes almost a year after Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox advocated for same-sex parents to be included on birth certificates. A lower court judge agreed and overturned the law, only to have that decision halted by the Arkansas Supreme Court days later.

Religious business owners sue: they don't want to film gay weddings

Carl and Angel Larsen don't want to film gay weddings.

Videographers Carl and Angel Larsen do not want to film LGBT weddings and have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Minnesota’s commissioner of human rights, Kevin Lindsey, and attorney general, Lori Swanson.

The couple, who own Minnesota's Telescope Media Group, only want to document straight weddings.

Climate change skeptic, Scott Pruitt, to head EPA

Donald Trump seems to be appointing cabinet members into government agencies who are not only opposed to the work President Obama has done with them for past eight years, but he wants to change the scope of their infrastructures entirely.

Trump says Obama helped him with cabinet appointees

“Imagine if Trump and Obama were feuding. The situation would be so much worse.”

It’s only matter of weeks before people can officially say “President Donald Trump,” and as Obama moves out and Trump's cabinet moves in he would like you to believe that our current president had something to do with choosing his political force.