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CA lawmaker proposes measure to end Daylight Savings Time

State Assembly member Kansen Chu wants to rid CA of Daylight Savings Time, he proposes bill.

State Assembly member Kansen Chu from San Jose says Californians shouldn’t have to turn their clocks back and forth every year.

He is proposing a ballot measure which would do away with daylight savings time, citing the “jet lag” effects that the change causes.

Trans women are NOT women; they were born male, feminist says

Activist and feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is being accused of being transphobic after "real woman" remarks to interviewer.

World renown Feminist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, was asked on a Channel 4 News Program on Friday what she thought of transgender women, and her answer has sparked a firestorm of backlash.

The interviewer questioned the author about feminism and femininity and if it mattered how one arrived as woman, asking if being born a man made someone "less of a woman."  

Local disabled photographer needs the community's power for new custom van

Without a rampvan, Tamandra Michaels is missing the sunset of her mother's life.

Some may say that getting in and out of a car is a menial task, but for one Hillcrest resident its becoming a skilled and painful chore.  

If you have lived in San Diego for a long period of time, especially the Hillcrest area, you have no doubt seen Tamandra Michaels rolling down city sidewalks in her wheelchair, trusty canine companion by her side.

Protest march replaces L.A. Pride parade this year

L.A. Pride is still going to happen, but with a few changes to the event..

There are some big changes coming to L.A. Pride this year.

First, West Hollywood Park is under construction so the space available for the festivities is reduced, and the annual Pride parade will be replaced with a protest march.