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Texas town elects openly gay mayor

Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano is elected mayor of Texas border town.

The Texas town of Del Rio has a new mayor; openly gay veteran Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano (D). He won the office in the May 5 municipal election by 62-percent.

Del Rio is a border town with a population of 41,000 people and sits 150 miles west of San Antonio.

CA judge issues final judgment: baker can refuse service to gay couples

California judge makes final judgment to allow baker refusal of service to gay couples.

BAKERSFIELD, California --  A judge in the ironically named city of Bakersfield has issued a final judgment in favor of Tastries Bakery owner Cathy Miller; she can refuse service to customers based on her religious beliefs.

CA bay area man arrested for planning a hate crime using pipe bombs

Vincent Joseph O’Sullivan, 55, was arrested in suspicion of petty theft, making threats and a hate crime.

A man living near California’s wine country was arrested after he made threats against the LGBT community saying he was going to set off pipe bombs at a local Safeway and a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office substation.

Local authorities say Vincent Joseph O’Sullivan, 55, was arrested in suspicion of petty theft, making threats and a hate crime. His bail is set at $50,000.

Glowing displays of blue seen on San Diego beaches

Colorful light displays aren’t just limited to clubs in Hillcrest this month, San Diego beaches are experiencing a red tide and that means brilliant hues of neon are filling up the water.  

Waves of neon blue are crashing onto the shore in an eerie phenomenon caused by red algae filled with phytoplankton called "dinoflagellates.”

No rainbow crosswalks in San Diego, but it's not out of the question

A mock up plan of rainbow crosswalks at University and Fifth Avenues in Hillcrest.

Across the country, busy neighborhoods in Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, West Hollywood, and Washington, D.C are celebrating LGBT Pride by adding permanent rainbow crosswalks to their city streets. San Diego isn’t on that list which has some people wondering why. 

San Diego awakened by minor earthquake on Tuesday

4.5 magnitude earthquake felt throughout San Diego County.

San Diegans were slightly shaken this morning as a 4.5 magnitude earthquake tousled a sleeping county.

Surveys mark the center of the quake 11 kilometers north of Cabazon and say it began at 4:49 am.

Cabazon is just over 100 miles north of San Diego and is best known for its giant whimsical dinosaur structures and outlet mall.