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Kevin Spacey apologizes for conduct, comes out publicaly

Triggered by women coming forward with stories of sexual corruption in Hollywood inspired former child actor Anthony Rapp to tell of his own experience.

Oscar-winner and stage actor Kevin Spacey has been outed, not as a gay actor (he would do that himself in a Twitter apology on Sunday), but as a sexual aggressor to an underage actor thirty years ago, according to former child actor Anthony Rapp.

Downtown residents were alerted to man who made mass-shooting threats

Police say a man threatened to perform a mass shooting atop downtown's Emerald Towers.

Downtown San Diegians living in the Emerald Plaza got a warning from their management team this week about a possible threat from a man who police say they were investigating in conjunction with threats of a mass shooting.

Hillcrest coffee shop owner wants Dreamers as staff

Hillcrest coffeeshop owner says he wants to hire Dreamers.

Immigration Attorney and recent Hillcrest business owner, Jacob Sapochnick opened a new coffee shop called The Kouch in April, but that's not all, he says he wants to staff his business with Dreamers.

Former Neo-Nazi comes out on TV

Former Neo-Nazi Kevin Wilshaw comes out as gay on U.K. TV.

Four decades serving as a British white supremacist and Neo-Nazi, one member reveals that his is gay and he no longer wants to be a part of that hate movement.

His name is Kevin Wilshaw and he was an organizer of the U.K.’s fascist National Front party in the 1980’s.