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Mass shooting threat painted on San Diego high school campus with date and time

Threatening messages found painted on San Diego high school campus.

As teachers and school administration were getting ready to start their school day at Rancho Bernardo High School on Monday they were met with frightening messages spray-painted on campus walls and pavement. 

“Florida was nothing!!” it reads, then gives a date and time, “2/26..12:00.”

People send checks in the amount of "thoughts and prayers" to some NRA backers

After the mass shooting at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day which left 17 people dead, including students, many wanted more from National Rifle Association (NRA) proponents than just their “thoughts and prayers,” so they decided if that was the only way NRA supporters would address the issue, that’s how they would pay them.

Dockless bikes invade Hillcrest

LimeBikes are now available in Hillcrest.

Maybe you have seen more color around Hillcrest lately in the form of bright green bicycles. Those are LimeBikes and they are a fleet of dockless bicycles which you can access by downloading an app on your smartphone.

Male couple chided by restaurant owner for small kiss on Valentine's Day

What was supposed to be a day to celebrate their love for each other turned into an uncomfortable situation with a restaurant owner who told them customers were uncomfortable with them kissing.

Angus Reilly and Sam Anderson were dining at the Mumbai Inn in Leicester, England on Valentine’s Day and sealed their gift exchange with a small kiss.

Same-sex couple say Solana Beach school told them son was not a "good match"

San Diego gay couple say Santa Fe Christian Schools dissuaded them from having their son attend their school.

Trying to get their son into a private Christian School, one Solana Beach same-sex couple said he was dissuaded from attending because they are gay.

Matthew Bosse and Joe Mosca think their 10-year-old son is an exceptional student, both in arts and sports, so they reached out to people in their social circle for suggestions on a middle school.

South Carolina lawmakers want same-sex marriage defined as "parody marriage"

South Carolina State House

Republican lawmakers in South Carolina have proposed a bill that would define same-sex marriages as a “parody marriage.”

This would mean that any marriage not between one man and one woman in that state would be defined as going against human “design” and therefore be a “parody.” The Marriage Restoration Act defined marriage as a “Union between a man and a woman.”

Students plan nationwide march in support of gun control, San Diego included

In the wake of the mass shooting that befell Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 which left 17 people dead, students are taking a stand against gun violence by vowing to march on Washington and other major cities including San Diego.