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San Diegan attacked by Tijuana taxi drivers for using Uber

A man says he was attacked by Mexican cab drivers after he and his friends ordered an Uber.

Eric Ivarra (pictured left) had just finished watching a Padres game at Petco Park and decided to take a trip to Mexico to spend some time with his friend who lives there.

But once he crossed the border and requested an Uber, his night became one of violence which landed him in the hospital.

Comic-Con will stay in San Diego through 2021

Each year the giant pop-culture convention brings in $135 million and $2.8 million in tax revenues.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said on Friday Comic-Con is staying in San Diego at least until the year 2021, but the expansion to the convention center is going to be what makes it a continued success to the local economy.

Texas tries to chip away at marriage equality rights for city workers

They court overturned a previous decision made by the lower court which favored benefits and sent it back to a lower court.

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled unanimously on Friday that same-sex couples working for the City of Houston may not be privy to the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

They court overturned a previous decision made by the lower court which favored benefits and sent it back to a lower court.

San Diego husbands separated at Tijuana border, one deported

Husbands Angel Osuna and Loris Speltini were separated when they returned from Mexico, one deported back to Italy.

Husbands Angel Osuna and Loris Speltini recently went to Tijuana Mexico together, but upon returning through the border crossing Loris was not allowed to enter back into the US with his husband.    

MTS introduces a stored-value Compass Card

New Compass Card feature lets you store money.

It’s finally here, a stored value function for your San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Compass Card.

Circulate San Diego has been long campaigning to get this feature added to the card system and yesterday it finally went live.

San Diego ranked as fifth worst in US for bad driving

San Diego is ranked fifth worst in the country for bad driving.

San Diego may be America’s Finest City, but it also holds the distinction of having some of the worst drivers in the country.

According to the American Automobile Association, this Fourth of July will see 37.5 American on the road traveling about 50 miles from their homes.

Star of David banned during Chicago Pride

Star of David banned from Chicago Pride.

The Star of David was not welcome at an alternative Chicago Pride event over the weekend, according to Newsweek

Jewish people who were a part of the Dyke March celebration, displaying the symbol were asked to take them down as some people found them “offensive.”

The Supreme Court rules same-sex couples can be on birth certificates

In allowing the inclusion of all couples, no matter what type of marriage to added to birth certificates makes easier school registration, medical treatments and other situations where the document is required as proof.

On Monday, The Supreme Court made a ruling to allow same-sex couples to be listed as parents on birth certificates.

This case Pavan v. Smith concerns the rights of same-sex couples being allowed to legally have their names on birth certificates the same way straight couples are.