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Teacher of the Year has great photo-op with Pres. Trump

Nikos Giannopoulos beams with Pride next to the president and his wife.

One teacher from Rhode Island not only received the award for Teacher of the Year, he also got a photo op in the White House alongside President Trump and First Lady Melania.

The photograph shows Nikos Giannopoulos fanning himself with a black lace fan and wearing a Pride pin.

The support Giannopoulos has received after posting the photo on social media has been immense.

SUV crashes into Hillcrest apartment building

The incident took place close to the intersection of Walnut Avenue and First Avenue.

An apartment building in Hillcrest was left without a staircase after a speeding SUV crashed into it on Thursday morning.

The incident took place close to the intersection of Walnut Avenue and First Avenue.

Pres. Trump visits lesbian officer who helped take down shooter

Special Agents Crystal Griner is no stranger to quick thinking.

President Trump and First Lady Melania visited the hospital where two officers are recovering from injuries they received after they were shot while protecting political and business officials practicing for a charity baseball game on Wednesday.

SD Dems and Republicans unite against gun violence

In the aftermath of today’s shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise (R) in Alexandria, Virginia, who is reportedly recovering this evening, San Diego LGBT Democrats and the Log Cabin Republicans have come together to make a joint statement condemning the use of violence.

'Old Dixie Highway' renamed after former President Obama

Outdated and racist landmark "Old Dixie Highway" renamed after Barack Obama

Riviera Beach, FL., - The crowd cheered as city workers removed the “Old Dixie Highway” sign and replaced it with a “President Barack Obama Highway” sign removing yet another remnant of the past that represents oppression and violence.

Philly unveils new Pride flag with black and brown stripes

Philadelphia changes the colors of the Pride flag to include black and brown stripes.

Created by Gilbert Baker at the behest of San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, the rainbow flag, has been a symbol of gay activism for nearly forty years.

 It recently went through a slight modification in Philidelphia’s LGBT community.

Atlanta announces permanent Pride crosswalks in LGBTQ district

The four-way stop is located inside the hub of Atlanta’s LGBT community.

The Mayor of Atlanta said yesterday that there will be permanent rainbow crosswalks at an intersection in midtown.

His announcement came as the nation mourned the loss of 49 innocent victims from the June 12, 2016, Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando. 

Hate group disrupts memorial at Pulse site, one arrested

Hate group infiltrates memorial at Pulse site, one arrested.

As people gathered to honor the innocent victims at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on Monday, a group of homophobic sermonizers disrupted the crowd and one was ultimately arrested.

One of the men who was a part of the Christian group wore a t-shirt which read “No Mo Homo in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Thousands walk in San Diego for Equality March

Thousands marched through the streets of San Diego for the Equality March on Sunday.

Today the Equality March on Washington was also celebrated by over 116 cities around the country.

Right here in San Diego, thousands took to the streets from curb to curb marching through downtown heading toward the city’s administration building.