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Inaugural San Diego Film Week begins with old Hollywood style

Merrick McCartha is just one of the celebrities who joined in the celebration of the first annual San Diego Film Week.

Old Hollywood was the theme, and a new local film festival was the subject as San Diego Film Week kicked off its inaugural celebration at the Lafayette Hotel on Friday night.

The red carpet was lined with local actors, producers and directors as they discussed their projects playing throughout the area for the next seven days.

Porch pirate grabs doorstep deliveries

This porch pirate is finally caught on camera taking delivered packages from Mission Hills homes.

Residents in a Mission Hills neighborhood are hoping surveillance footage of a thief who helps himself to Amazon packages will assist police in catching the burglar.

Pat Giles who lives in the upscale neighborhood says the value of the contents inside the boxes isn’t what’s concerning, but that someone is helping themselves to them.

Meet 'The Resizters,' San Diego's new protest song cover band

Local activist and member of the non-profit protest cover band "The Resiztors," Melanie Peters.

There is a new music movement in San Diego which will collaborate with local organizations to fight for human and women’s rights, “and everything the current administration is trying to destroy.”

Female student sexually assaulted at CSUSM campus Tuesday

University police are currently investigating a rape at California State University San Marcos.

A social media app with an anomoninity feature may have been a contributing factor in the rape of a student at California State University San Marcos in broad daylight on Tuesday.

It happened on campus Lot B about 11 am on Tuesday according to an alert sent out to students that day.

University police are currently investigating the crime.

Hundreds at Lindbergh Field rallied in protest of Trump's executive order

The sidewalks were elbow to elbow with protesters at Lindbergh Field.

Although there is no official count, hundreds of people, protestors descended upon Terminal Two at San Diego International Airport Sunday night to show opposition to Donald Trump’s executive order which limits immigrants from entering the United States.

Protests from all over the country have been in full swing at some of the busiest airports.

San Diego no longer in drought

San Diego comes out seven-year drought thanks to last week's storms.

Those heavy rains that drenched San Diego County last week, wreaking havoc on roadways and property, brought a silver lining.

Mayor Faulconer: 'We already have a safe and secure border'

Mayor Kevin Faulconer will not waver in U.S.-Mexican relations.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order to begin building a border wall in the southwestern part of the United States.

He also made it clear that international relations with Mexican immigrants would be severely overhauled as he implemented funding for increased border patrol officers and detention centers.