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Latest Hillcrest bike lane plans reveal more parking

New design for bike lanes through Hillcrest accommodates more parking spots.

As our nightlife writer, Jim Winsor has a vested interest in the parking situation in Hillcrest, so when he was able to see a proposed design for the busy nightclub area he quickly took notice. 

Hillcrest cyberbully worries local Grindr users

Hillcrest Grindr user "Hung Top" is accused of harassing people who won't respond to him on hookup apps.

Some users of hookup apps Grindr and Scruff in Hillcrest are getting disturbing messages from a man who allegedly bullies them unmercifully if they deny his advances.

Picketers march at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest

Picketers in front of UC Medical Center in Hillcrest want a living wage.

Picketing began at approximately 5 am in Hillcrest on Tuesday morning as 12,000 statewide University of California administrative, clerical and support staff picket for a on-day walkout.

Both UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest and Thornton Hospital in La Jolla will take part in the protest according to NBC 7 and Teamsters Local 911.

Trash beneath Spruce Street Suspension Bridge on the rise says local resident

Litter beneath the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge has some residents organizing clean-up efforts.

The people who live around historic Spruce Street Suspension Bridge are becoming a little concerned with the amount of garbage being left within the canyon, so much so that one resident has taken action to form a clean up crew to maintain the site every month.

Hillcrest restaurant accused of hiding hefty surcharge to check

Fiesta Cantina shocked one diner after he got his bill.

The recent minimum wage hike that took affect on January 1, has put some business owners in a compromising position, especially those in the restaurant business.

Eateries are torn on whether to raise menu prices or add a surcharge to guest checks to help offset the dollar raise they must now offer lower-level employees.

Two aircraft carriers to leave San Diego Thursday

The San Diego harbor will be less two ships after Thursday.

Aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and destroyer Wayne E. Meyer will set course for assignments in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

The Carl Vinson will head a fleet of ships including the Meyer and cruiser Lake Champlain along with Hawaiian-based destroyer Michael Murphy.

Water main rupture creates large flood in North Park

A flood woke North Park residents up early Thursday morning.

Some residences in North Park woke up to a huge flood Thursday morning as a water main broke sending a deluge of water into homes and the streets.