Judge rules Kim Davis stayed in compliance after jail time

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The same judge who sent Kim Davis to jail in September of 2015, has ruled that upon her release from incarceration, she did not interfere with same-sex couples’ marriage licenses by removing her credentials from the document, and that they should be valid.

Judge David Bunning ruled on Tuesday that Davis also did not obstruct her deputies’ from issuing licenses either.

Transgender man killed by police in Arizona and misgendered by the media

Kayden Clarke, a 24-year-old transgender man, was shot and killed in his home by local police on Thursday, February 4th, in Mesa, Arizona.

According to Det. Esteban Flores of the Mesa Police Department, two local officers were sent to Kayden's home after friends reported that he threatened to commit suicide in emails and text messages.

Suspect in Philadelphia gay attack will spend up to 10 months in jail

A Pennsylvania woman convicted of misdemeanor charges in a 2014 assault on a gay couple in Philadelphia has been sentenced to five to 10 months in jail.

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SDGLN is getting a new look, better mobile interface

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN) is getting a new look.

As the most read LGBT San Diego digital news source, SDGLN wants to make that experience an easier one for all of our readers, and that includes a new webpage interface and easy-to-read mobile application.

A lot of our readers have suggested that SDGLN design a better mobile experience because they want to be able to read our stories on-the-go, without having to zoom in or out, or from side-to side, and that is exactly what we have done.

Senator calls anti-LGBT attorney general "Harvey Milk"

ALASKA - An Alaska State Senator accidentally introduced the attorney general by a different name at their committee hearing on Tuesday, January 2.

When State Senator Bill Stoltz (R) of Chugiak Alaska, called Bill Milks to the podium, he addressed him as “Attorney General Harvey Milk,” the gay rights leader.

This misnomer wouldn’t be considered a major slip if you didn’t know that Bill Milks was a strong supporter of the ban on gay marriage in that state before the Supreme Court ruling led to marriage equality.

New York City schools take historic step forward for gay kids

Jared Fox, 28, knows first-hand about the perils of intolerance.

Just two years ago, when Fox was visiting his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, from New York, he was brutally attacked by a group of teenagers.

They beat him, stole his belongings and called him anti-gay slurs. He suffered bruises all over his body. 

One employee cleared of all charges, others waiting

Gay adult and NSFW site Str8upgayporn has reported that former director Sean Van Sant has been cleared of all charges.

The adult site shared the following statement from Van Sant on their “Str8up Daily” newspage today:

“It’s official, all charges against me have been dismissed! I think we will hear good news about other defendants later in the day. We can celebrate these dismissals while renewing our support for Jeff and others who are affected. –Sean”

Susan Sarandon calls Clinton a 'follower' not a 'leader' at Sanders' rally

Star of stage and screen Susan Saradon addressed a group of people at the Bernie Sanders rally on Thursday.

The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” star has always been politically vocal, and this time she wanted to make it clear why Bernie Sanders has been more LGBT friendly than Hillary Clinton.

The 69-year-old actress is a fervent LGBTQ supporter and has been for decades. Her son Miles identifies as genderfluid.

The actress called out Clinton for being a follower, not a leader when it comes to gay rights.

Only female Senators show up for work during snowstorm

WASHINGTON D.C. - The great blizzard that swept through Washington D.C. shut down the city last weekend, but that didn’t stop some Senators from showing up for work on Tuesday morning; the female ones.

The great Snowpocalypse of 2016 raged through the region in what some news organizations are calling one of the top five most devastating snowstorms to ever hit that area.

Congress officially took a snow day, but some Senators still showed up for their administrative meeting.

Rentboy CEO indicted on prostitution charges

BROOKLYN, NY - Reuters is reporting that the CEO of former escort service has been indicted on prostitution charges.

A federal grand jury in Brooklyn, NY. came back with three counts against Jeffrey Hurant, including money laundering which was not a part of the original complaint.