Cyndi Lauper to open LGBT youth residence in Harlem

Cindy Lauper has been a longtime supporter of the LGBT community. Her song “True Colors” has become an anthem of pride and self-esteem.

That song has also become the name of her new LGBT youth residence, a safe place for young adults who feel marginalized in society.

The 30-bed housing facility will open its doors in New York this September. The eco-friendly building is located in the heart of Harlem, and is the first of its kind in the Big Apple.

The Caitlyn Jenner costume is here, retailers are okay with it

Many groups are outraged at costume giant Spirit Halloween’s plans to release a Caitlyn Jenner mock up this year. There is already a version in their online store, and they will start stocking their pop-up stores’ shelves with the white corset and wig set in September.

The online shopping site “” has already put forth an ensemble, complete with a wig, and a sash which reads “Call Me Caitlyn.”
The outfit is now available for purchase on their site.

Kim Davis' office defies order one day after being told to comply with Supreme Court

KENTUCKY - Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is at it again. She has been to court and repeatedly ordered to issue same-sex marriage licenses in her district.

But today, James Smith and William Yates Jr., headed back into the clerk’s office for a third time to obtain their certificates and again Davis and her staff declined them.

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Appeals court upholds gay marriage ruling in Kentucky

MOREHEAD, Ky. — A federal appeals court has upheld a ruling ordering a Kentucky county clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis objects to same-sex marriage for religious reasons. She stopped issuing marriage licenses the day after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned state bans on same-sex marriage.

This is why the rentboy raid is about way more than just sex work

Ironically, days after a number of America’s leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organizations issued a joint statement in support of Amnesty International’s resolution to decriminalize sex work on a global level, federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security raided the Manhattan offices of

Homophobic cop shakes down driver for police fundraiser, it's all caught on camera

A Philadelphia police officer was reassigned to desk duty and stripped of his service weapon on Friday, the day after video surfaced showing him pressuring a motorist to donate to a fundraising event.

GOP director caught with Ashley Madison account

The breach of Ashley Madison’s client list just keeps getting more interesting. An anti-gay, anti-marriage equality GOP leader is the latest person to have had his profile exposed on the controversial website.

Jason Doré is the Director of the Louisiana GOP and also is an anti-gay advocate. Although he has not gay, Doré is a firm believer in “family values,” which has the public wondering why he would subscribe to a website which promotes cheating on your spouse without their knowledge.

Retailer "Spirit Halloween" makes no apologies for their latest offensive costume

If you are starting to see the ads for “Spirit Halloween” pop up in your inbox lately, you may want to prepare yourself for what will inevitably pop up in their ads.

Halloween has always been a time to dress up and have some fun, perhaps put away some of the political correctness we abide by the other 364 days of the year.

But the highly popular retail costume shop would like to push that non-PC button especially hard this season, and the transgender community is its latest victim.

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"Sweet Cakes by Melissa" sends custom cakes to ten LGBT organizations, saying they really do love homosexuals

The “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” bakery owners would like the LGBT community to know they love them, they really do!

If you remember, the Oregon bakers have been in the media spotlight since they refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple back in 2013.

Melissa and Aaron Klein sent ten custom made cakes to LGBT organizations around the country with the words, “We Do Really Love You” written in icing on top.

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LGBT Publisher Dane Tidwell missing: "We are fearful for his life"

​​Friends and family of Opus Media CEO Dane Tidwell are seeking help in locating him following his disappearance on his 40th birthday on Aug. 13 in Chicago.

According to DNAinfo, Tidwell is described as being "white, 5-foot-11, 165 pounds with a cropped beard that has gray patches. He has hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing a green V-neck shirt with cutoff jean shorts."

Family and friends are concerned about Tidwell's mental state.

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