Social Security sued over spousal benefits in major test

WASHINGTON DC -- Lambda Legal today filed suit against the Social Security Administration (SSA) on behalf of Kathy Murphy, a Texas widow denied spousal benefits after the death of her wife, and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (the National Committee), arguing that denying Social Security benefits to same-sex spouses because they live in states that discriminate against their marriages violates the U.S. Constitution.

With no chance in hell, Idaho's anti-gay governor tries to stop the gays from marrying

BOISE, Idaho -- Gov. Butch Otter is staking out claim as the nation's most homophobic state leader, today declaring that he will try to stop gay and lesbian couples from continuing to marry in the Gem State.

Idaho failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a stay that would have halted gay marriages in that state, so the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dissolved its temporary stay and allowed gay weddings to resume a week ago.

Gay marriages begin Tuesday morning in Wyoming

CASPER, Wyoming -- The State of Wyoming said today that it will file a notice stating that it will not appeal a U.S. District Court ruling that found the state’s ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional. As a result, same-sex couples can begin marrying at 10 am MDT Tuesday.

Couples enlist Winsor attorney to sue Mississippi for gay marriage

Legal legend Roberta Kaplan, who won the landmark Winsor case at the U.S. Supreme Court that has opened the floodgates to gay marriage and other LGBT rights, will be leading the charge for marriage equality in Mississippi.

Two lesbian couples today filed suit in federal court in the Southern District of Mississippi, challenging the Southern state's ban on gay marriage.

Andrea Sanders and Rebecca Bickett, and Jocelyn Pritchett and Carla Webb – joined by the Campaign for Southern Equality -- are the plaintiffs in the case, Campaign for Southern Equality, et. al. v. Bryant, et. al.

Kansas: Court sets hearing in gay-marriage lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Kansas – A federal judge has set a hearing this week to hear arguments over whether he should order Kansas to allow same-sex marriages.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree has scheduled a hearing for Friday at the federal courthouse in Kansas City, Kansas. At issue is the request by the American Civil Liberties Union for a temporary injunction that would bring Kansas into line with a binding Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals precedent set in other cases.

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U.S. Constitution guarantees marriage equality, Obama says

President Barack Obama seems to have changed his tune on gay marriage, telling The New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin he believes same-sex couples in all 50 states should be allowed to marry under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

Gay marriages to resume in Alaska, as appeals effort fails

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today lifted its temporary stay on gay marriages in Alaska after a last-ditch effort to seek an appeal proved unsuccessful.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to entertain the motion for an appeal, which means the Ninth Circuit ruling stands.

Alaska's anti-gay Republican Gov. Sean Parnell and his Attorney General William Streur failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to jump into the fray. The high court has been reluctant to step into the issue since the Proposition 8 and Winsor cases.

As gay weddings continue, North Carolina GOP leaders vow to appeal

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- The state's Republican leadership, in the heat of the election cycle, said today that they plan to appeal the gay-marriage ruling.

Meanwhile, gay and lesbian couples continue to marry in North Carolina following two rulings from two judges that struck down the state's ban on gay marriage.

Judge to rule soon on gay marriage in South Dakota

A federal judge who was asked Friday to dismiss a challenge to South Dakota's same-sex marriage ban made no quick decision after lawyers in the case disageed on the "law of the land."

U.S. District Court Judge Karen Schreier reserved ruling on the matter after an hour-long court session and said she will "issue a written opinion soon."

Assistant Attorney General Jeff Hallem argued that an 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in 2006 in a Nebraska cased called Citizens For Equal Protection v. Bruning established the legal precedent that South Dakota must follow today.

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BREAKING! Judge grants gay marriage for Arizona

(Editor's update: Arizona's Attorney General said this morning that he will not appeal today's ruling and thus gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying immediately.)

PHOENIX, Arizona -- A federal judge has affirmed that the Ninth Circuit ruling on gay marriage applies to Arizona, this morning striking down that state's ban.

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