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Lesbian wedding takes place in Walmart garden department

Two brides decide to have their wedding at Walmart.

Two brides used their livelihood in big box retail to help them with their wedding last weekend.

Leida Torres and Chrissy Slonaker Torres work at a Pennsylvania Walmart, in fact, that’s where they met three years ago. So when they decided to get married they could think of no better place than the gardening department at their job.

Texas paper erases gay man's spouse on mom's obit citing "religious conviction"

A Texas newspaper has taken it upon itself to alter an obituary which mentions a gay man’s spouse because of the publisher’s religious reasons.

The couple, Barry Giles and John Gambill have been together for three decades. Giles mother passed away and as is customary he sent an obituary to the local paper.

Family dog dies after United flight attendants force it to travel in overhead bin

United Airlines flight crew forced a dog to ride for three hours in overhead bin, killing it.

A United Airlines flight from Houston to New York ended in tragedy when a family dog died after being forced to stay in the overhead bin at the behest of the flight attendant. 

In a Facebook post, Passenger June Lara says she was on the flight and the dog belonged to a mother and her two children; one being a toddler.

Hamburger Mary's sued by woman injured by drag queen's breasts

Tampa Florida Mary's subject of lawsuit after drag queen "motor boats" guest.

Hamburger Mary's in Tampa Florida is getting sued by a 53-year-old Denver woman after she allegedly suffered physical damage when a drag performer began "shaking her breasts" on her face and neck. 

The plaintiff, Neldin Molina, says she has brought on the $1.5 million lawsuit after she visited the iconic eatery back in 2015.  

Caitlyn Jenner says Trump has set trans community back decades

Caitlyn Jenner says Trump has set trans movement back 20 years.

Just over a year ago Caitlyn Jenner responded to the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw Obama-era guidance that allowed trans kids the right to use the restroom of their choice. “Call me,” she said referring to the president in a video tweet. Jenner supported the now-president throughout his campaign and even voted for him.