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Lesbian custody case grows stranger

A child is caught in the middle of a War of the Roses custody battle between two lesbians, and the little girl and one parent have vanished.

NCAA drops Focus on the Family ad from Web site

Faculty and athletic members of the NCAA responded to the placement of the ad, voicing concern and noting that the NCAA's policy of inclusion - regardless of sexual orientation - was in direct conflict with the conservative group's widely publicized stances.

Full faith and credit helps gay parents overcome ban

The battle over equal rights to marriage has dominated much of the news concerning the LGBT civil-rights movement for the past 17 years, but there have been gains recently in the battle over gay family rights in general. And in just the past week, there were important developments in two significant courts.

Lieberman joins bandwagon to dump DADT

Sen. Joe Lieberman says he plans to introduce a bill to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy.

Weekly Address: President says it is time to move forward on health-care reform

The bottom line is that the status quo is good for the insurance industry and bad for America. Over the past year, as families and small business owners have struggled to pay soaring health care costs, and as millions of Americans lost their coverage, the five largest insurers made record profits of over $12 billion.