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World military experts to discuss gays serving in militaries

World military officials and experts, including British and Israeli Defense Force members, will convene in Washington, D.C., to discuss the implementation of allowing gay men and lesbians to openly serve in the armed forces.

Fed budget numbers fall short, disappointing LGBT leaders

In releasing its proposed budget for fiscal 2011, the Obama administration prepared a two-page statement that highlights proposed spending “to support the needs of the LGBT community.”

Freedom to Marry Week approaches

The countdown to the 13th annual Freedom to Marry Week has begun. The nationwide event will take place Feb. 8 through Feb. 14.

Obama condemns Uganda's anti-gay bill

President Obama condemned Uganda’s controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill today during a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Powell supports ending DADT

The effort to repeal the discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) law received a boost of support from Gen. Colin Powell.

Illegal immigration & the economy

More than a year after the economy tanked, not only do millions of Americans still find themselves out of work, but so do many undocumented immigrants. At least the ones who are still here looking.

Hawaii State House fails to guarantee equal rights to all Hawaii Families

The bill would have provided that the equal rights and responsibilities of married couples in Hawaii were afforded to thousands of non-married couples in the state. The House voted by voice vote on Friday to postpone the bill indefinitely, effectively killing it for the session.