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Family Research Council urges U.S. District Court to uphold Proposition 8

The Family Research Council, a Washington D.C. based organization dedicated to the “promotion of traditional marriage , family and the sanctity of human life in national policy” earlier this week submitted friend of the court brief in a lawsuit challenging the legality of Prop 8.

Marriage equality voted down in New Jersey

In what many gay rights groups have described as a disappointing turn of events, the New Jersey legislature yesterday voted down marriage equality in a vote of 14-20

Gay partners in Rhode Island granted right to make funeral arrangements

Yesterday lawmakers and members of the General Assembly in the state of Rhode Island overrode a veto by Governor Carcieri and passed into law legislation that allows domestic partners the right to make funeral arrangements for their deceased partners.

Human Rights Campaign sends letter condemning CBS Late Show with David Letterman skit, asks for apology

In a skit during Letterman’s opening monologue last night, the host announced Simpson’s historic appointment and revealed that she is transgender, displaying a photograph of her. The show’s announcer, Alan Kalter, then feigned “trans panic,” implying he had some prior relationship with Simpson but was not aware of her gender history, and ran yelling from the stage.