President Obama teases farewell speech with LGBT gratitude

The President and first Lady will return to Chicago on Jan. 10.

President Obama is preparing his farewell speech to be given in Chicago on Tuesday, January 10.

The Democrat will step down as president of the United States, and hand over the reigns to Republican businessman and reality television star Donald Trump.

Principal takes gifted Pride flag down at elementary school for 'political' reasons

Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. takes down Pride flag for "political" reasons.

The principal of Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. says she took down the flag because she is worried about “wading into political waters.”

What’s more, the school is located next to community of Chevy Chase where vice president-elect Pence is living temporarily before he relocates to Number One Observatory Circle come January.

Arkansas judge rules birth certificates can only name biological parents

Only biological parents may be listed on birth certificates, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

This turn of events comes almost a year after Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox advocated for same-sex parents to be included on birth certificates. A lower court judge agreed and overturned the law, only to have that decision halted by the Arkansas Supreme Court days later.