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Teen killed one, injured another for homophobic bullying according to family

Abel Cedeno, 18, charged with killing one and injuring another after incessantly bullied him.

An allegedly bullied teen is being charged with stabbing and killing Matthew McCree, 15 (pictured left), and seriously injuring Ariane Laboy, 16, with a switchblade in New York this week.

Abel Cedeno, 18, stabbed the two teenagers on Wednesday at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx.

Trans teen murder "not a hate crime" says Texas County Sheriff

Ally Lee Steinfeld

Editor's note: this article contains disturbing details of a crime, and may be upsetting to some readers. 

America and the LGBT community are still reeling from the brutal murder of trans teen, Ally Lee Steinfeld in Missouri whose burned remains were found in a garbage bag near a chicken coop earlier this week.

A Georgia Tech LGBT student was shot and killed by police

An independent inquiry into the death of Scout Shultz is currently underway.

Scout Schultz, an LGBT activist, and student was shot by police and later died from their injuries on Saturday, September 16, reports BBC News.

Scout Schultz was outside the campus dormitory in Atlanta when police responded to a call reporting there was, “a person with a knife and a gun.”

Benham Brothers claim Hurricane Irma is God's wrath for LGBT rights

Proselytizers and religious right siblings, David and Jason Benham published a video on Monday to warn people that God is taking vengeance on the American LGBT community with natural disasters.

This is all because “God is speaking,” says one, and people should start to repent for their beliefs on marriage equality, gender recognition and gay rights.