Castro Street Pride flag remains at full-mast after Orlando attacks

Pride flag at the gateway to The Castro district in San Francisco. (archive photo)

SAN FRANCISCO - The Pride flag standing vigilant over the entrance to one of the most recognized LGBT neighborhoods in the world is flying full-mast in San Francisco, despite other cities flying theirs at half-mast.

President Obama ordered that all U.S. flags on federal property to be flown at half-mast until Thursday in honor of the victims of the Orlando massacre.

L.A. Pride crasher with weapons in car charged with child molestation

James Howell has been charged with felony child molestation.

The now infamous L.A. Pride crasher, James Howell, is in more hot water as TMZ is reporting that not only is he wanted for charges of criminal assault in Indiana, but he is under investigation for child molestation in that state.

L.A. visitor who had arsenal in trunk, was there for an online meet-up

James Wesley Howell

The individual in Los Angeles whose car was filled with assault weapons, ammunition and chemicals may have just been looking for an on-line hook up.

On Sunday, just hours after the news broke about the Orlando tragedy, James Wesley Howell, 21, was questioned and searched by police in Los Angeles, after a concerned citizen tipped them off because he was acting suspiciously.

Here's how much each presidential candidate spent on the California primary

Here are the amounts each presidential candidate spent leading up to the California primary.

Obviously some presidential candidates spent more leading up to the California primary than others. But exactly how much more?

Political technology company Circa Victor used their Advocacy Intelligence (AI) system to cull together numbers from presidential candidate’s campaign spending habits, adding up how much each spent on their way to the California primary.