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Empress Nicole in SF for plaque dedication

The Queen Mother of the Americas, Empress Nicole honors founder Jose Julio Sarria, Empress I of San Francisco..

City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez was in San Francisco for three days for a dedication ceremony at the San Francisco Rainbow Honor Walk in the Castro district. 

The Queen Mother of the Americas, Empress Nicole was asked to speak at the unveiling of the plaque in honor of founder Julio Sarria, Empress I of San Francisco.

CA legislature passes bill to protect LGBTQ seniors in long-term care

LGBT senior abuse includes, but is not limited to, refusal of admittance or eviction to long-term care facilities because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

On Wednesday, the California Legislature approved a bill which would create a "Bill of Rights" for LGBTQ seniors housed in long-term care facilities. This is one step closer to protecting elderly LGBTQ individuals who rely on assistance from long-term care professionals, some providers are accused of mistreatment of residents through discrimination and homophobia.

San Francisco activist and icon Bubbles shot and killed

San Francisco activist and DJ known as Bubbles, nee Anthony Torres, was shot and killed in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district on Saturday reports say. 

Colorful and always vibrant, Torres, 44, was a part of the underground music scene and had become a local gay icon since moving to the city twenty years ago.

After prison, ex Geffen stalker, former football player sets record straight

Jamie Kuntz tells his story after all this time.

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) — After serving 13 months in prison for stalking gay billionaire playboy David Geffen, Jamie Kuntz is finally ready to tell his side of a troubling affair that made tabloid headlines from London to Los Angeles.

The simple facts of the case are not in dispute.

Freeway in So Cal to be named after Obama

Westbound SR 134 near I-5 in Glendale.

A Southern California highway is poised to be named after former President Barack Obama.

State lawmakers have approved a bill to name a portion of 134 through Glendale, Eagle Rock and Pasadena as President Barack H. Obama Freeway reports Fox 5.

CA bakery refuses wedding cake to lesbian couple

A California bakery has faced some backlash over their refusal to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple

The owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield said she is not going to support a same-sex wedding because it doesn’t align with her religious beliefs.