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Arrests of illegal immigrants along border drop 25%

Arrests of illegal immigrants along the California-Mexico border declined 25% this year as a weak economy and bolstered enforcement efforts appear to be discouraging treks north, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Tuesday.

State Auditor Launches New Website for Citizens Redistricting Commission

Yesterday, the California State Auditor introduced WeDrawTheLines.ca.gov as the official source for all information and questions pertaining to the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (Commission). California voters authorized the creation of the Commission when they passed Proposition 11—also known as the Voters FIRST Act—last year.

California Faces a Projected Deficit of $21 billion

Less than four months after California leaders stitched together a patchwork budget, a projected deficit of nearly $21 billion already looms over Sacramento, according to a report to be released today by the chief budget analyst.

SignForEquality.com Launches Petition Drive to Repeal Prop. 8

SignForEquality.com yesterday launched a groundbreaking effort to gather signatures to repeal Proposition 8 and restore equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, marking the first time that social networking technology has been used to qualify a California initiative for the ballot.