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Freeway skateboarding a dangerous new Southern California trend

Skateboarders have been taking to the interstate for kicks.

The California Highway Patrol is keeping a close watch on a dangerous new trend happening on Southern California freeways.

Skateboarders are taking to the interstate and using busy lanes of traffic to compete in a hashtag competition called #freewaychallenge.

Pro skater Nakel Smith was filmed taking the challenge on Highway 110 recently.

Ridesharing bill to quell pricing hikes dies

Bill to stop pricing increases for ridesharing apps goes dead

A recent bill sponsored by State Sen. Ben Hueso (D) of California to regulate ridesharing prices and increased enforcement of ridesharing rules failed to get passed the Senate Committee today.

Hueso was concerned that without more regulations on ridesharing companies, consumers might be at risk of being taken advantage of, or susceptible to loose security guidelines.

All Sport Chalet stores going out of business

All Sport Chalet stores to close in the next several weeks

Sports equipment chain, Sport Chalet, is going out of business, and four of their San Diego stores are readying themselves to shutter within the next several weeks according to their website

The company says that all 33 stores across Southern California will close.

Man allegedly kills son because he was gay

69-Year-Old Father Murders Son For Being Gay

 SAN FERNANDO, Ca - A Los Angeles man was arrested on Friday for killing his son; 29-year-old Amir Issa.  It’s being reported that the motive behind the incident was that the victim was gay.