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L.A. Pride crasher with weapons in car charged with child molestation

James Howell has been charged with felony child molestation.

The now infamous L.A. Pride crasher, James Howell, is in more hot water as TMZ is reporting that not only is he wanted for charges of criminal assault in Indiana, but he is under investigation for child molestation in that state.

L.A. visitor who had arsenal in trunk, was there for an online meet-up

James Wesley Howell

The individual in Los Angeles whose car was filled with assault weapons, ammunition and chemicals may have just been looking for an on-line hook up.

On Sunday, just hours after the news broke about the Orlando tragedy, James Wesley Howell, 21, was questioned and searched by police in Los Angeles, after a concerned citizen tipped them off because he was acting suspiciously.

Here's how much each presidential candidate spent on the California primary

Here are the amounts each presidential candidate spent leading up to the California primary.

Obviously some presidential candidates spent more leading up to the California primary than others. But exactly how much more?

Political technology company Circa Victor used their Advocacy Intelligence (AI) system to cull together numbers from presidential candidate’s campaign spending habits, adding up how much each spent on their way to the California primary.  

Bill passes in CA to allow HIV-positive organ donation

California passes SB 1408 which allows organ transplants between HIV positive donors and recipients

Today the California legislature unanimously passed a bill which allows HIV-positive donors to donate their organs to HIV-positive recipients.

Senate Bill (SB) 1408 was written by Sen. Ben Allen (D) and co-sponsored by Equality California, AIDS Project Los Angeles, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and Positive Women’s Network-USA.

Two dozen pilot whales die on shores of Baja California

24 whales die on the shore of Playa Bufeo in Baja California.

MEXICO - Twenty-four pilot whales apparently became disoriented and beached themselves on the beach of Playa Bufeo in Baja Caliornia on Sunday.

According to a statement from the Mexican Navy, personnel, environmental ministry agents and villagers tried to lead some of the marine mammals to deeper waters, however only three were able to swim to safety. 

Freeway skateboarding a dangerous new Southern California trend

Skateboarders have been taking to the interstate for kicks.

The California Highway Patrol is keeping a close watch on a dangerous new trend happening on Southern California freeways.

Skateboarders are taking to the interstate and using busy lanes of traffic to compete in a hashtag competition called #freewaychallenge.

Pro skater Nakel Smith was filmed taking the challenge on Highway 110 recently.