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SDPD force Hillcrest Farmer’s Market to give up vendor parking at event

The Hillcrest Farmer's Market faces parking restrictions issued by SDPD.

Vendors for The Hillcrest Farmer’s Market are no longer allowed to park their vehicles in the medians during the event according to the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA).

In a news release HBA’s Executive Director Benjamin Nicholls says that this new rule may seem like a small issue but in actuality, it poses a huge problem.

Conservative anti-LGBT star Stacey Dash to run for So-Cal congressional seat

'Clueless" star putting her hat in the running for So-Cal congressional seat.

Outspoken actress Stacey Dash has filed paperwork to run for a congressional seat in Southern California’s 44th District.

The Clueless star will run as a Republican in a position currently held by Democrat Nanette Barragan. Republicans are the longshot in this district of Los Angeles in which liberal voters outweigh conservatives by a large margin. 

Mass shooting threat painted on San Diego high school campus with date and time

Threatening messages found painted on San Diego high school campus.

As teachers and school administration were getting ready to start their school day at Rancho Bernardo High School on Monday they were met with frightening messages spray-painted on campus walls and pavement. 

“Florida was nothing!!” it reads, then gives a date and time, “2/26..12:00.”

People send checks in the amount of "thoughts and prayers" to some NRA backers

After the mass shooting at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day which left 17 people dead, including students, many wanted more from National Rifle Association (NRA) proponents than just their “thoughts and prayers,” so they decided if that was the only way NRA supporters would address the issue, that’s how they would pay them.

Dockless bikes invade Hillcrest

LimeBikes are now available in Hillcrest.

Maybe you have seen more color around Hillcrest lately in the form of bright green bicycles. Those are LimeBikes and they are a fleet of dockless bicycles which you can access by downloading an app on your smartphone.