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UK man claims painkillers turned him gay

Man says he turned gay after taking prescription painkiller.

Not that there is any proof that a prescribed medication can make someone gay, still, that is the claim of one UK man who says the popular prescription drug Pregabalin did just that.

Video of woman assaulting two female soldiers goes viral

Judy Tucker assaults two female soldiers, witnesses say her son called them racial slurs.

A video has gone viral of a 72-year-old woman confronting two female soldiers in a restaurant apparently over a handicapped parking space.

Judy Tucker and her son are at the forefront of the video after they became slightly physical with the two women dressed in their service fatigues at the Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia.

Local gay military spouse and husband appear on 'Ellen' in recognition of award

A San Diego military couple is asked to sit on Ellen's couch.

San Diego’s own Brian L. Alvarado was asked to appear on The Ellen Show along with his husband Matthew this month. Ellen asked them to come sit on her famous couch where legendary celebrities have sat before to recognize Brian’s title as the 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Navy Spouse of the Year.