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RGOD2: Saints or sinners? Facing the real damage of the closet

I was interested to read about the Halloween theme of this week’s meeting of the International Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Trans Association (ILGA) in Mexico City. Leadership decided to use this dark and scary season to celebrate our own LGBT “dark side.”

The Center's LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor to induct 6 honorees

SAN DIEGO, California -- The San Diego LGBT Community Center will honor six veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces at the third LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor Induction Ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 5:30 pm.

Topshop/Topman store opens today in Fashion Valley Mall

SAN DIEGO, California -- More good news for stylish folks in San Diego. The city's Fashion Valley shopping center is really shaping up to be a go-to spot. Now that it has added Free People and AllSaints to the mix, the upscale retail hub is unveiling a massive new Topshop store today.

Free e-book helps same-sex couples plan for retirement

Although marriage can be scary enough, the prospect of having a dismal financial future together is even more frightening. Gay or straight, tying the knot not only gives spouses access to each other’s emotions and fears, it also gives them access to the bank account.

Hedy's Hints: Young people optimistic about home ownership

When it comes to home ownership, a recent survey by the California Association of Realtors has found that 89% of young renters polled expressed interest in buying their own home at some point in the near future.  It seems that in spite of economic uncertainty and high costs of living, the majority of young Americans surveyed still view home ownership as a sound and necessary investment in their economic stability and future.

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RGOD2: Women as peace builders in the struggle for LGBT rights

As a student of International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin in 2007, I had the opportunity to get to know some of the architects of the Irish Peace Process.

The process took many years and incorporated an international army of activists, politicians and religious leaders. It was not as if one day Irish Catholics and Protestants woke up and decided to live together in peace and forgive the atrocities of the past. There needed to be partners, some obvious and some quietly present and working behind the scenes.

Harvest Howl to benefit The Center's Youth Housing Project is Thursday

SAN DIEGO, California -- The ninth annual "Harvest Howl for Youth Housing," hosted by The Metro Area Real Estate Professionals for Young Adult Housing (MARYAH), is set for Thursday, Oct. 23 from 6-9 pm at the top of San Diego's new Downtown Central Library in the East Village.

The event is one of the most popular on the fall calendar for many in the San Diego LGBT community's philanthropic set and raises money for The Center's Youth Housing Project.

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Heart & Soul: What’s the big deal about homosexuality?

I try to be a nice person. I try to be patient and understanding. But I must admit that I have very little patience with the hysterical Religious Right.
I find myself drifting toward the groups of fundamentalists at Pride events wanting to start an argument. (Sometimes my husband has to subdue me, but I just can’t help it.)

It’s pretty interesting to read some of the comments that have been in the news in the last few weeks, in the belief that we are going to hell in a handcart, thanks to marriage equality.

San Diego Pride's community grant process is open

SAN DIEGO, California -- Thanks to a surplus in proceeds from the 2014 San Diego Pride events and celebration, the organization is opening their community grant process.

“The grants are funded by proceeds from the Pride Music Festival in Balboa Park,” Pride Executive Director Stephen Whitburn stated in a press release. “When you buy a festival ticket, you gain admission to the biggest party in town, and you help fund community services at the same time.”

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RGOD2: Jesus, protect us from your followers

The medieval Irish pilgrim once quipped: “Going to Rome is a lot of work and is exhausting, but you will not find your God there unless you take God with you.”

The quest for the perfect family, even in Rome, may be equally hazardous or fruitless.

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