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Free cones from Ben and Jerry's today

The cones are only limited “to the number of times you can get back in line."

For those of you who want to cool down as temperatures begin to feel more like summer in San Diego, Ben and Jerry’s is holding their annual free cone event today

This yearly giveaway is the company’s way of saying thank you to their customers while giving back to the community.

Miss Gay California USofA Newcomer 2018 crowned at Rich's

New Miss Gay California USofA Newcomer 2018 crowned.

Miss Gay California USofA Newcomer 2018 was crowned this past Sunday at Rich’s Nightclub. 

The outgoing Miss Gay California USofA Newcomer, Tia Wanna, stepped down to allow another contestant to reign supreme for the coming year.

Cesar Chavez was an advocate for LGBT rights

This Saturday California celebrates Ceasar Chavez Day. It was in the 70s that he became the first civil rights leader to support homosexual civil rights.

Chavez became friends and an ally of Harvey Milk.

Harvey championed the rights of the struggling and impoverished farm workers.