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This new Hillcrest trend is going to rock you

One of the many Hillcrest stones hidden around the community.

You're out on a daily walk in Hillcrest one morning and something catches your eye: a beautiful hand-painted rock is hidden just beneath the shrubbery near the sidewalk.

Not to worry, it's probably meant to be there thanks to a new nationwide trend which is making its way to Hillcrest.

Jack'd now blurs exact location of its US users

Hookup app Jack's is blurring GPS locations in the U.S.

The dating app Jack’d has taken safety precautions for their U.S. subscribers by blurring the exact locations of people using the service.

The company says they started using the feature in notoriously homophobic countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, but activated it in the US due to the recent increase in hate crimes. 

Who needs RuPaul's Drag Race when you have Facebook Live?

Getting “beat” in a drag makeup room doesn’t mean you call 911 and letting something “cook” doesn’t mean it’s going to burn.  

These terms are used to describe what a drag performer does before going on stage. You might know this already if watch “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” or spend any time hanging out backstage at a drag show before curtain.

Pride after Pride: who cleans up Hillcrest afterward?

Come out and show pride after Pride.

After all the celebrations of Pride are over and everyone is at home reflecting on the weekend, there is still much to do in the community by way of clean up.

The Hillcrest Town Council hosts their annual Post-Pride Clean-up event on the Monday following San Diego Pride and they could use your help.