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First trans man elected to office in Japan

Tomoya Hasoda,25, has made history in the Land of the Rising Sun. He is the first trans man to be elected to public office in Japan, taking a seat at the Iruma City Council.

U.S. gays face challenges serving abroad

A gay civilian defense worker from the U.S. cannot live with his husband in Japan because of a 53-year-old agreement.

How employers can leverage LGBT workers' potential

“Our new study finds that while progress has been made, discrimination remains pervasive. We outline a number of steps employers can take to improve the climate in the workplace and enable their LGBT employees to maximize their potential.”

Magnet Tours joins Lady Gaga in welcoming tourists back to Japan

“We’d like to invite LGBT travelers from all over the world to spend their next vacation in Japan enjoying our rich history, fascinating culture and thriving gay nightlife. Not only will they have a great time but they also be helping our nation’s economic recovery.”

Japan elects first gay man to public office

The new official is also an LGBT advocate, the former secretary to Social Democratic Party leader, and founder of a nonprofit group that offers social networking opportunities for LGBT people.