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Calls for Action During Transgender Awareness Week

"In all the work we do at Lambda Legal, we are fighting for a basic principle: everyone has the right to be true to their sexuality, gender identity and gender expression and to live, work and love with dignity and equality."

Veterans Day, A Day of Remembrance

For me personally, Veteran's Day brings back some of the anxiety about serving in the military as a gay man. I take great pride in my service yet still have difficulties coming to terms with the fact that just because I am gay, I am not allowed to serve.

NY State Senator Eric Adams Comments on Delayed Vote

I know that many of you were disappointed to learn that the bill to amend NYS Domestic Relations Law to legalize gay marriage in our State did not come to the floor of the State Senate this week for debate or a vote. I WAS DISAPPOINTED TOO!

And The Maine Point of Inequality Is?

The race to equality is still on. The LGBT community and those who advocate for equal rights, if they have not realized this fact by now, may see the defeat of equal rights in Maine as a wake up call to engage more deeply with the religious dimensions to marriage.

Join Immigration Equality This Wednesday on The Campesina Network

Immigration Equality’s Pamela Denzer will be a guest on Punto de Vista, on the Campesina Radio Network, this Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET. Pamela will join the program’s hosts to discuss the recent announcement regarding the end of the HIV Travel and Immigration Ban.

Op-Ed: Prejudice as a Tool

50% of homosexual investigations are begun based on flimsy evidence, despite the guidance DADT provides against such measures. Proactive expulsions of gays are pursued.

Stonewall Democrats Hire a New Executive Director

After a thorough and comprehensive search, the Board of Directors of National Stonewall Democrats has hired Michael Mitchell to lead the organization as Executive Director.

Who's Fit for Duty Now?

A story in Wednesday’s Army Times reports that 75 percent of 17-24 year olds are ineligible to serve because they can’t meet basic standards. Most are overweight, don’t meet educational requirements, or have had run-ins with the law.