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Fred Karger: Open letter to Maggie Gallagher

Why are you, all your financial backers and all your high-priced attorneys across the country hell-bent on destroying so many lives and hurting so many people, just as they are about to experience the happiest day of their lives?

SkyWest offers LGBT employees equal travel benefits

SkyWest Airlines will now offer equal travel benefits to its Delta-dedicated gay and lesbian employees with a same-sex spouse or domestic partner, reversing a policy that prompted a warning letter from Lambda Legal last October.

Equality Plus – The "Je ne sais quoi." of winning marriage equality

How is it that “movable middle” voters are overwhelmingly willing to support relationship recognition parity in all but name? And how are those who share the wholehearted belief in equal protection, able to simultaneously reconcile their disapproval of marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples?

Choosing the harder right

Our Armed Forces remain the most capable in the world, of which we can be rightfully proud. However, they are already struggling to deal effectively with the pernicious challenges facing them in the 21st century.

Oscar party to benefit The Trevor Project

While the Oscars are being handed out Sunday in Los Angeles, a select group of people in San Diego will be cheering for the winners … and raising money to support The Trevor Project.

Time to win the battle

The legislation that was introduced yesterday is a crucial and immediate step that is needed to see “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” come to a final end as well as honor service to this great nation. A sad reality is that as we approach the elections in November repeal may become more difficult. The time to act is now.

From the field: LGBT Latino Forum

Last Saturday the Latino Equality Alliance held a Community Forum at the Highland Park Cultural Center to talk about why it is important for all Latinos to be counted in the 2010 Census, especially including LGBT Latinos.