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Op-Ed: Prejudice as a Tool

50% of homosexual investigations are begun based on flimsy evidence, despite the guidance DADT provides against such measures. Proactive expulsions of gays are pursued.

Stonewall Democrats Hire a New Executive Director

After a thorough and comprehensive search, the Board of Directors of National Stonewall Democrats has hired Michael Mitchell to lead the organization as Executive Director.

Who's Fit for Duty Now?

A story in Wednesday’s Army Times reports that 75 percent of 17-24 year olds are ineligible to serve because they can’t meet basic standards. Most are overweight, don’t meet educational requirements, or have had run-ins with the law.

Equality Still Making Gains

This week citizens in Kalamazoo, MI upheld a city ordinance that includes sexual orientation and gender identity in its anti-discrimination laws. Anti-LGBT opponents launched a nasty, ugly campaign targeting and outing individual residents of the tight-knit community, distributing their photos and exploiting their lives as an attempted scare tactic. In the end these vile and irresponsible tactics may have backfired.

Major Fundraising Campaign Announced for 2010 Equality

San Francisco, CA – At rallies yesterday in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Fresno marking the somber first anniversary of the passage of Proposition 8 in California, organizers announced the launch of the first major fundraising campaign to place a marriage equality initiative on the California ballot in November 2010.

Local San Diegans Join National Fight Against H8

Local San Diegans Angela Hergenroeder and Jana Newman recently struck a pose against hate, and in doing so, joined a nationwide NOH8 campaign.

Morgan M. Hurley on the Stephanie Miller Show

On Tuesday October 27, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News Copyeditor, Morgan M. Hurley wrote a story on what is sure to be a hot topic in next years November election- the idea that a ban on divorce in the state of California is the next logical step in protecting traditional marriage. This is Morgan's interview on the Stepanie Miller Show.

Ending Employment Discrimination in America

Familiar political distortions and myths continue being spread, notably by adversaries painting the LGBT community as rich elites. They twist reality to explain that we are rewarded more with privilege than burdened by discrimination. They argue again that ENDA is another way to seek preferential and undeserved special treatment under federal law.