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Love Warrior: More, harder or different?

For your every day queer just trying to get by, perhaps bringing up the gay life at work or school leaves you feeling nervous, or even scared. How do you talk to the other PTA folks about your right to wed or do you just leave it alone?

Saluting the new faces of the gay rights movement

The face of the gay rights movement has suddenly changed in the past few weeks ... and these brave people deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Healthcare reform garners tepid support from LGBT advocates

While the passage of the healthcare reform measure has enjoyed positive billing by mainstream media as “the most expansive social legislation passed in decades," LGBT advocates observe the new law as an important foundation for reform, but far from a panacea.

Drinking for dollars or fighting for rights?

To associate yourself with HRC, you must submit to HRC’s agenda, which is: look pretty, be rich, climb the social ladder, and protect HRC’s brand with all your heart, soul, and mind. (And of course, write lots of checks.)