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A call to action from Michelle Obama: Why is it important to us?

First lady Michelle Obama told a crowd at Camp Pendleton that military members are consistently the most inspiring people she has ever met; even more so than the Pope, the Queen of England and Paul McCartney.

An open letter to the citizens of California

John Marcotte, author and sponsor of the 2010 Protection of Marriage Act is frustrated with California's ballot initiative and he's speaking out about it. Marcotte launched the "divorce ban" crusade because he felt the people who believed gay marriage was a threat to traditional marriage would recognize that divorce was an even bigger threat.

Strong mayor is good for San Diego

The five-year trial period for the strong mayor form of government is coming to a close and voters must choose whether to keep it. Here's a look at the issue from a two time mayoral candidate.

Imagine a harassment-free education

Rochelle Hamilton was harassed by her high school's own staff and teachers. Now she is working to end this discrimination so others won't have to experience what she did.