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VIDEO: Keith Olbermann takes on Target

Keith Olbermann asks: "The Target CEO called his commitment to LGBT rights unwavering, but do we believe him or his political contributions?"

COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Amnesty urges Greece to stop treating migrants as criminals

The Greek authorities should immediately review their policy of locking up asylum-seekers and irregular migrants, including many unaccompanied children. Many are held in poor conditions in border guard stations and immigration detention centres with limited or no access to legal, social and medical aid.

Legal Ease: Cell phone video cameras vs cops

A common traffic stop can suddenly go awry and not always in your favor. Consider the added and legal benefits of your cell phone during these monotonous and often uneven, encounters.

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Target and Best Buy, make it right!

Target and Best Buy, both based in Minneapolis, have donated $250,000 to a political committee supporting a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor who is not a friend to the LGBT community.