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Shirley Sherrod and the Right: A day that will live in infamy

The entire Shirley Sherrod affair is so disgusting, such a stomach-churning episode of right-wing lies, propagandists posing as “journalists,” and craven political cowardice and gullibility, that it’s hard to know who to be most enraged at.

"Stonewalled" in San Diego: A shocking story about gay mistreatment in 1966

Forty-four years ago, nine women were "Stonewalled" in San Diego. This is their shocking story of being dragged out of a bar, arrested and jailed, then humiliated in court. Let's not forget why we celebrate Pride, so that LGBT people today don't have to experience what these women did in 1966.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SAME responds to commentary by Arlon Jay Staggs

For the record, SAME is an open democratic organization that has members with a diversity of views. We welcome everyone - Democrats, Greens, Independents, Socialists or Republicans – who want to work with us to build a grass-roots movement for marriage equality and full LGBT rights from the bottom up.

Americans are subsidizing Afghanistan’s economic development

We must demand an end the war and that our troops are brought home. We must demand that global corporations pay for the development of Afghanistan’s resources instead of U.S. taxpayers. It's time to publicly expose the war propaganda and acknowledge the financial and human toll.

COMMENTARY: Proud to vote no on Proposition 23

Like all Californians, the San Diego LGBT community obviously needs new Green jobs, clean air, and a new clean energy standard. But we also need to send a loud, proud and unequivocal message: Conservative Texas power trippers, don’t mess with our state or the LGBT community again!