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Strong mayor is good for San Diego

The five-year trial period for the strong mayor form of government is coming to a close and voters must choose whether to keep it. Here's a look at the issue from a two time mayoral candidate.

Imagine a harassment-free education

Rochelle Hamilton was harassed by her high school's own staff and teachers. Now she is working to end this discrimination so others won't have to experience what she did.

Legal Ease: Did Samantha really need a lawyer?

Opinions about one’s sexuality and the actions expressed through sex are as divergent as the colors found within the rainbow. Nevertheless, it seems today’s global governments are in the business of regulating sex.

Remembering my Army dad, past Memorial Days

I honor all who serve in our armed forces and I long for the day that soldiers can talk openly, receive healing and live long enough to enjoy all that life can offer.

A brief history of DADT

The policy that was voted on in 1993 to take affect in 1994 was a slight victory, one could argue, in that it was the first time gays were allowed to serve.

VIDEO: My exchange with President Obama

It broke my heart to face off with my President tonight. I was proud to work on his campaign, and I still believe in him. But as long as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are fired from our jobs, discharged from the military, denied marriage rights and immigration equality - as long as we are second-class citizens - I can't be silent.