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"Double Dare" features its first two-dad family

"Double dads" are featured as contestants on "Double Dare."

No amount of slime could have spoiled the moment when host Liza Koshy introduced a family competing on the show Double Dare last month. 

Kevin Hart to appear on "Ellen"

Ellen will sit with Kevin Hart on Monday.

[Update: Kevin Hart will actually appear on Ellen this Friday]

Unfortunately for Kevin Hart, his past caught up with him and homophobic tweets from a few years ago were enough to pressure him to step down from hosting this year's Oscar telecast. But he may have a chance to explain himself when he appears on Ellen next Monday. 

Gaming developer's coming out tweet goes viral

This gaming developer's coming out tweet was an unexpected viral sensation.

Those familiar with California's Orange County, know how ultra-conservative it can be which makes this coming out story a little more special.

Adam Fletcher, 35, is a gaming lead for popular products such as Warcraft III: Reforged and StarCraft: Remastered for video game giant Blizzard Entertainment. 

Louis C.K. lashes out at nonbinary people and mass shooting survivors in leaked bit

Louis C.K was once a well sought after comedian in Hollywood. He's written for Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, and even Saturday Night Live. But a recently leaked audio recording of one his sets shows he may be taking his act in a whole new direction, namely mocking trans people and mass shooting survivors. 

"The Jungle Cruise" character is gay, but Disney won't let him say it

"The Jungle Cruise" Jack Whitehall and The Rock.

As Disney keeps churning out live action movies based on rides and old animated films, they continually try to reassure audiences of their commitment to including LGBT characters. It's hard to tell if they mean what they say because they are masters of onscreen ambiguity.

Farrah Moan talks to us about being an All Star

Farrah Moan tells us the tea on All Stars.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 4 gave us plenty of veteran talent to cheer about this week. It was the supergroup episode, in which RuPaul was auditioning the girls to form a band called "Henny."

The queens lit up the stage with what makes them special including incorporating special guest star Stacy Layne Matthews into their choreographed routines. 

Kevin Spacey creates bizarre and creepy video

Actor Kevin Spacey blurred the lines of reality and fantasy in a bizarre YouTube video he uploaded over the holiday. The star faces felony sexual assault against a Massachusetts news anchor’s teenage son, reports Variety. 

Natural Style Chicken comes to roost in Hillcrest

Korean BBQ and rotisserie chicken are fused into one menu at Natural Style Chicken.

Point Loma's Natural Style Chicken makes a lateral move into a prominent storefront at University and Fifth in Hillcrest with a second location.