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Community spotlight: DJ Michael Paul

What type of music will you NOT spin? >>> Hmm, I have probably played a bit of everything, I guess Polka I would not spin, although I'm sure an amazing remix will come out called electronic polka that will sure be a hit. Just kidding!

Eight great San Diego breakfast spots

San Diego is a city with an abundance of seriously good breakfast restaurants, so choosing only eight proved difficult. But here are eight great breakfast eateries (in no particular order) that will get you off to a delicious start.

Brittany's mom, husband say drugs didn't kill her

A month after Brittany Murphy's mysterious death, her mother and husband say they are convinced the actress died of natural causes, not drugs or an eating disorder.

Gay romance to be featured on Glee

FOX has confirmed that the second season of the hit series Glee will feature a gay romance for Kurt. The part is currently in the process of being cast.

Golden Globes: Eight great lowlights

No matter how you feel about the Golden Globes, you're ready for giggles, groans and assorted snarky swipes from an inveterate Globes watcher.