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The Athletic Supporter: Courage on the mat

Rosen made history that day because a little over 10 years ago, she completed the transition from a male to a female. On Friday, April 23rd, Donna Rosen became the first transsexual woman to compete in a mainstream, nationally sanctioned wrestling event.

Gay men’s body image: An insidious distraction

Young gay men often don’t know any better but are searching for an image to compare themselves to. When they find images of the modern gay clone, they then have a template for what they believe a loveable and accepted gay male should look like.

World Cup stars show off their chisled bodies in Vanity Fair

Famed lesbian photographer Annie Leibovitz convinces some of the world’s greatest soccer stars, heading to South Africa next month for the FIFA World Cup, to don their designer briefs and show off their perfect abs.

Art of Fitness: lean, ripped and ready

It takes a lot of work and dedication to carve out a set of hot looking abs. Besides, it just looks healthy, athletic and VERY SEXY. However, the vast majority of people either don’t work on their abs or they don’t work their abs productively.

The Athletic Supporter: Lots of blame to go around

Assuring its members there “has been no wrongdoing,” the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) called the case “unfounded” and warned that if the plaintiffs were successful in their claims of $75,000 each in damages, it could cripple the organization financially.

The Athletic Supporter: Gay rights group sues gay softball league

The original purpose of NAGAAA's policy was to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which gay and lesbian athletes can compete, free from discrimination and intimidation; however, are we now the ones perpetuating discrimination?

Tru Health: Mental Limbo

Mental limbo is when a person legitimately believes that they are ready for a change, yet can't bring themselves to buckle down and perform the actions that will lead them to their desired outcome.

Syphilis 2.0 - it's back

Between 2003 and 2009, the rate of syphilis infection increased 143 percent in San Diego County -- and gay men accounted for about 84 percent of the 2009 cases.