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The importance of nutrition

Recently, I was asked when someone wants to begin working on their nutrition what the first changes should be.
Normally, I make sure to individualize my recommendations for the person I’m working with, but there are some key things that everyone should do.

Why Some Vaccines May Require A Booster

Do all vaccines boost immunity for the same period of time? And, if not, when are additional 'booster shots' needed to keep immunity strong?

Women's Basketball Gets a Local Boost

A Chicagoan recently blogged "women’s professional sports are INSIGNIFICANT in the sports landscape and need to go away. I understand that they heavily promote athletics for girls, but then again…who looks up to a WNBA player? I couldn’t name three players in the WNBA." Ambassador Jody is taking his words as a personal call to action, and wants you to join her cause.

Stay Off the Damn Scale!

You will eventually drive yourself crazy by daily weighing. And seriously, before and after your workout? ¬ Do you really think you burned 7000 calories during your workout if you dropped two pounds on the scale?