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Health, Wellness & Sports

Health in Our Community: An Acupuncturist’s Perspective

How does election day and its outcomes affect our health? Aside from the obvious impact on our community of political decisions to approve funding for AIDS/HIV, or rescinding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, are there any other connections between political decisions and our well-being?

Relationships & Finances

If it takes “two to tango,” then it also takes two to get out of the stress. Get your partner involved so you both can carry half the load. Create weekly and monthly meetings to go over the debts, the savings, the up-coming bills, and the unexpected expenses. Not only will your partner become more aware of the finances, but it can also create a stronger sense of “team.”

Help Pets Relax for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, many pets will have to deal with being left behind and different types of people in the house. This can cause profound anxiety in cats, dogs and even birds.

Our Mental Relationship to Food

The mental approach that most people take when trying to change how they eat is a negative one, which focuses primarily on what they shouldn’t have.

Coming Out During the Holidays?

How you come out is really up to you and your understanding of your family, but try to be creative and sensitive to the possibility that your family may have mixed reactions to your coming out.

How Would Government-Run Health Insurance Affect California?

With a huge number of residents who buy health care on their own and relatively few companies selling them coverage, some feel California is just the kind of market in need of a new government-run insurance plan.