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San Diego Humane Society gets huge expansion, more responsibilities July 1

There are about 50 - 60 positions left to fill. 

On July 1, the San Diego Humane Society will increase its reach to six cities including San Diego when they expand their services to include pet adoptions and other commitments, something the City had previously taken care of for 47 years. 

An abused 10-year-old suspiciously died, he had just come out

Young Anthony Avalos was found dead after sustaining head injuries his other said he go in a fall, but authorities are questioning that claim.

A 10-year-old boy died of suspicious circumstances last week and The Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services says they were aware of alleged abuse prior to his death. They also revealed that he “liked boys” in a statement.

Citizen whistleblower of 8-year-old selling water on San Francisco sidewalk deemed "Permit Patty"

A woman who says she was annoyed with a mother/daughter team selling water on the sidewalk in Northern California made viral celebrityhood when a video of her calling police reached over 6 million people. 

The alleged whistleblower's name is Alison Ettel, but many have now dubbed her with the hashtag #PermitPatty because of her actions against the young girl. 

Two officers shot in standoff near SDSU on Saturday

Two officers are recovering after being shot at an apartment complex near SDSU.

Two San Diego police officers are recovering from gunshot wounds after responding to an apartment complex near SDSU on Saturday night. 

It happened at about 10:15 pm, the two officers responded to a "violent disturbance" call at an apartment building located on the 4800 block of Rolando Court.

Trump mistakenly calls out Mayor Faulconer in his speech on Friday

President Trump accidentally targets Mayor Faulconer in a speech.

President Trump called out San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R) in his speech about immigration on Friday, but he really meant to address the Mayor of Oakland. 

The remark came as the president spoke about "angel families," the victims of illegal immigration, from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building