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Toys "R" Us may live again

Toys "R" Us backs out of auctioning off their brand.

A collective groan was heard around the United States when toy retailer Toys "R" Us broke the news that they would be closing all of their stores back in June, but on Monday the controlling lenders say they pulled out of the bankruptcy auction. 

Around-the-clock Christian news network launches

Pat Robertson started CBN in 1960.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) launched the first-ever 24-hour news channel with a purely religious perspective. 

Called the CBN News Channel, it quietly began airing on October 1, in 15 cities across the United States reports LGBTQ Nation. 

San Diego MTS services are free to ride today

MTS services are free to ride on Oct. 2.

You might get a pleasant surprise If you get on a bus or trolley throughout San Diego today. 

In honor of the San Diego Association of Governments' support of National Rideshare Week, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and North County Transit District services will be free today, Oct. 2. 

Teenager recovering from San Diego shark attack

San Diego teen is expected to make a full recovery after being attacked by a shark.

A 13-year-old boy who was lobster diving on Saturday is in serious condition after being attacked by a shark at an Encinitas beach. 

It happened at the 900 block of Neptune Ave. at Beacon Beach, San Diego County Sheriff's Department said. 

Facebook hack affects 50 million accounts

Hackers exploit a hole in Facebook code.

Facebook says they have discovered a breach in their online security system which had the potential to allow hackers to appropriate over 50 million accounts.

Video shows bus rider fighting back against homophobe

Man fights back against homophobic attacker on city bus.

A trip on public transportation in New York turned ugly when an argument between a homophobic rider and another gentleman resulted in a bloody altercation. 

It's not clear what started the scuffle, and the video only shows the altercation mid-heat, but what is clear is that the person being verbally pummeled with hate speech fought back when it turned physical.