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'Coupon Carl' calls police on black woman trying to use a coupon

Social media has captured yet another display of alleged racism in a public space, this time coming from a CVS pharmacy in Chicago over the weekend. On the video the CVS manager is seen shaking as he puts a call through to local police after Camilla Hudson reportedly tried to use a phony coupon. 

San Diego Pride 2018 was a record breaker

San Diego Pride already breaking records for 2018.

Early numbers are already showing that San Diego Pride 2018 may be breaking records. Pride Executive Director Fernando Lopez said on Saturday the number of festivalgoers was quickly approaching those of 2013's event which was also the same year marriage equality was made legal in California.

Phoenix gets permanent rainbow crosswalks

Permanent rainbow crosswalks were installed on two streets in Phoenix on Monday. The crossings are in support of the LGBT community. 

The Phoenix city council approved the installations earlier this year. 

Drag queen rushes chapel to disrupt wedding in viral video

Drag queen gets the last say in hilarious wedding video.

There's probably no greater suspense at a wedding than the time between the priest asking if anyone disapproves of the union and when he continues uninterrupted. That makes this viral video all the funnier when a drag queen makes a dramatic entrance during that moment denouncing the marriage in song. 

Church evicted over homophobic signage

The Remnant Fellowship Church in Indiana was ousted from its space by the landlord for a homophobic sentiment they posted on a lawn marquee.